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What we’re about

基本上呢個meetup 係想揾班鐘意學野/知識既同道交流下. 唔一定要好叻, 有心想知了解多啲唔同知識既人都歡迎. 做啲咩大致上都係通過讀書會咁既形式啦. 


This group aims to assemble like-minded people with following characteristics:

- Passion to learn, can't stand a day pass by without improvement, even just a tiny bit.
- Read furiously, hunger for knowledge. Interest in multiple fields.
- A human being; curious about the world, about present, about people around you. Capable to love, to think and to respect other with opinions different than your own.

"if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

Probably this group will be holding regular book meetup in the beginning. If you have certain knowledge or idea on topic would like to share then it is most welcomed too.