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We suspended in person events for Covid, and some of our preferred locales, such as CityPlace, are closed. If anyone would like to set up an in-person event who is not already an assistnt organizer or event host, please contact me.

Welcome to Boston Japanese and English Language Club! (日本語はこちら)

We connect language learners with native speakers of Japanese or English. Practice speaking, find out about cultures, styles, history, current events, and meet new friends!

People who want to speak (or hear) Japanese or English can join. It is open to all ages, and all levels of skill. Generally speaking, all people are welcome to join this club, however it is expected that everyone abide by the following basic guidelines:

Individuals must respect one another.
Let's keep a positive attitude about things!
Let's have a really great time!

We meet in a casual environment such as a restaurant, and people just form natural conversations or practice groups. And if you are looking for a language exchange partner, you are likely to find one here. But we are not a class - please don't show up and expect one. If you have specific questions, you can get answers here.

Please fill your application/profile as much as possible. On the language question, for example, you could say "English - Native, Japanese - Beginner" or vice versa. We will decline blank applications.

We are not a dating club. Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases where male members have been making passes at female members, asking for dates, emailing women and asking to meet up, asking women for their phone numbers or pestering them to be added to their Facebook friends. In the past we have had female members who stopped coming to meetups because they were made uncomfortable by some of our members' behavior. We will not tolerate this type of behavior. You should assume that our members are there to discuss culture and ask and answer questions about language and are not looking for dates, and should not initiate any request for dates without very clear signals that these requests are welcome. If a woman offers you to make you her Facebook friend, that is fine to accept, but be very cautious about asking for hers. Also, do not message through Meetup looking for dates under any circumstances. If you make other members uncomfortable you will either be banned immediately or given a warning depending on the seriousness. If you get a warning and if there are any further concerns with respect to your behavior after the warning, you will be banned at that point. We have done this before and we will not hesitate to do so in future.

To our female members: please do not hesitate to message or call me (my number is generally listed on the Saturday meetup) if anyone bothers you, emails you or otherwise pesters you or makes you uncomfortable. This type of activity happens when no one talks about it. I am more than happy to talk to any members about any issues, and to warn or ban them if appropriate. But I can only do that if I either see it personally (which rarely happens) or if someone tells me about it.

Dues are currently suspended. At some point I may start asking for people to pay $1 per meetup of $5 for the year, but at the moment I am not bothering. Member dues are mainly used for the Meetup website cost which is $200 per year.



Upcoming events (4+)

CambridgeSide Language Exchange

Needs a location

Let's meet up and chat! We’ll meet in Lechmere Canal park, across the pond-river-thing from CambridgeSide Mall's food court. If the weather’s nice we can chat there, and if not we can head inside and sit in the food court. Hope to see you all there!

揃って話しましょう!CambridgeSide Mallのフードコートの外の池/川のやつの向こうのLechmere Canal Parkに集まります。天気が良ければそこで喋れて、良くなければ中に戻ってコートで座れます。よろしくお願いします!

Feel free to message me with any questions. 質問があれば連絡してね!

(Interested in joining us for karaoke events? We'd love it if you could fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Y8YmQa8viQcJekKF7. このグループと一緒にカラオケに行きたい?なら前のリンクのアンケートに答えてくれればありがたいです。)
(Copied from previous / 前回からのコピー)

Afternoon meetup at CambridgeSide Mall near Kendall Square! Let's gather outside at the gazebo near the food court/canal, which is at the Canal Park Entrance. About a 10-minute walk from Kendall Square Station and 5-minute walk from Lechmere Station.

Physical Address:
100 CambridgeSide Place
Cambridge, MA 02141

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/3HtbYUYqdHyDA3Vo6

All levels of English and Japanese are welcome!

Saturday Online Language Exchange / 土曜日オンライン言語交換

Link visible for attendees

An online language exchange meeting where you can chat freely. All skill levels are welcome, and as this is an online meetup we’d love to have you wherever you’re living. Hope to see you there!

You must RSVP to see the link. We've had some trolls in the past, so if you don't RSVP and I don't recognize you you may be removed.

Note: We've had some people join with seemingly no knowledge of Japanese. You should at least be able to say very simple things like "hello," "how are you," and "my name is...". If you cannot, this event will be of no use to you, even if you are just coming to listen, and you may be removed to keep things orderly.



上の「Note」は日本語が全然話せない人向けです。これを読めれば大丈夫 (笑)

Tuesday Night Japanese Conversational <ONLINE ZOOM>

Link visible for attendees

Tuesday night language meetup!

We usually “free talk” in both English and Japanese in the main room. If attendance is high, we may create breakout rooms that focus on either English or Japanese. All levels are welcome!


Please RSVP in advance.

**The password should be 0101 if you are prompted to enter one.**

Thursday Night Conversation Group @ Boston University

Needs a location

This is a casual conversation environment, and all levels of English and Japanese are welcome.

We will meet in the George Sherman Union building, at the rear of the Food Hall in a room called "Back Court" (Depending on seating availability). There's usually plenty of tables and chairs. You can of course feel free to bring study materials or anything else if you would like. There's a few food places so you can also grab something to eat while you chat if you'd like. Please be mindful and respectful of the students around us.

ジョージ シャーマン ユニオンというビルのフードホールの一番奥の"Back Court"というスペースに集まります。空席の状態によって場所変わるのでご注意ください。パブリックスペースなので参加無料です! 遅れても問題なし、いつ来てもOK! 教科書とか勉強したいものがあれば自由になんでも持ってきてください。コンビニやファーストフード店もいくつかありますので食べながらのんびり会話するのも出来ます~

If you have trouble finding us please comment or send a message and I can come find you. グループ見つかれない場合、メッセージやコメントしたら迎いに行けます

Train info / 電車情報
Green Line B Train - Boston University Central
グリーン線のB電車 - ボストン ユニバーシティ セントラル

1.近くのChestnut Hill Avenue 駅(Bライン)→Boston University Central 駅
2.Reservoir駅の隣のCleveland Circle 駅(Cライン)→St. Mary's St 駅→10分歩く

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Thursday Night Conversation Group @ Boston University

Needs a location

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