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What we’re about

  • People who believe that excellence is simply a matter of practice

  • People committed to improving their future interactions

  • How to identify tactics being used on you by others and strong ways you could respond

  • We'll discuss negotiation situations we were in and how we fared

  • Review some strategies that work

  • Research and share on some best-practices in particular situations

  • Role-play situations to get experience practicing skills learned

  • How to pitch your proposal for a promotion, a raise, expanded responsibilities etc.

  • Provide direct feedback on how you come across in certain situations (if you want it)

  • Developing confidence in any negotiation situation 

  • Body language: how to read your negotiating partner 

  • Body language: how YOU can communicate strength and confidence

  • We could help analyze one of your past negotiations (if you ask)

  • Build a network of people you can practice with before a high-stakes negotiation encounter