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18-Mar-2018: UPDATE - The new combined event has a site: The combined location to register is on eventbrite (not meetup): 28-Feb-2018: UPDATE - this event will be COMBINED with the one Jason Haley is organizing. Thus, there will be one "mega" azure bootcamp in Burlington. REGISTRATION FOR THAT COMBINED EVENT IS COMING SOON; it is not open yet. We expect to accommodate 100% of the people who have signed up so far for Boston Azure. -- 13-Feb-2018: UPDATE - while Maura and I have been planning to help run this event from Boston/Cambridge, turns out we will be out of the country. At this point we MAY have TWO CHOICES: * There is an event already planned in Burlington. EXPAND the event in Burlington (multi-track may be possible) * HOLD AN EVENT IN Boston/Cambridge (will need volunteers to step up - I can help get speakers) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONVERSATION, please join our slack community ( THEN check out the #global-bootcamp-2018 channel (; you can also comment below. NOTE: location not reserved // -- We have started PLANNING for the 2018 Global Azure Bootcamp. We have a DATE. MANY DETAILS BELOW WILL CHANGE, but including for now so folks know what the day is about. More details will come as available. Sincerely, @bostonazure ( 2017 LISTING FOLLOWS ----------------------------- The #GlobalAzure ( ) event is a free all-day hands-on event where you can come and learn about Azure from local Microsoft Azure enthusiasts and experts, but part of a coordinated effort across more than 200 event sites AROUND THE WORLD on a single day. It consists of a day of sessions and hands on labs. This is a BRING YOUR LAPTOP hands-on experience (preparation instruction are listed below). This is one of two locations locally - the other is by North Boston Azure group and will take place in Burlington ( ). Sign up for either one, but please don't sign up for both. Sincerely, @bostonazure WHEN Saturday April 21, 2018. Doors open around 8:30 AM. Event doors open at 9:00 AM and starts at 9:30 AM. FOOD Yes LOCATION MOVING TO BURLINGTON

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Boston Azure is a community-run group with the goal of learning about cloud computing with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. We have been meeting since October 2009, making us the oldest such Azure-focused community group in the world. The group was founded by Bill Wilder (@codingoutloud (

The group is run by volunteers. So far for all the events we've hosted over the years, we've managed to provide them for free to attendees. This is in large part to Microsoft offering free space at NERD where we've held 90% of our events, but also to the occasional meeting/event sponsor.

We are currently hosting meeting signups on (, but you can also find our top-level site through the simpler URL (

You can also find us on Twitter as @bostonazure (

And feel free to join our Slack community at .

Boston Azure usually meets in the Boston/Cambridge area. You may also be interested in the North Boston Azure group, run by Jason Haley (@haleyjason (, which meets in Burlington, MA.

Bored? Go check out the Azure Cloud Shell (!

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