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Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in Mission Hill
We are a small, friendly group that is always happy to welcome both new and experienced martial artists. We are learning and practicing the Yang-style Long Form. Our class typically begins with a brief standing meditation, a few warm-up exercises (qi gong), and work on a specific section of the form. Each class ends with a repetition of the form from the beginning to the point we have recently learned. Class is designed to provide instruction and correction, but also to provide practitioners with an opportunity to clear their heads and meditate through movement. Class is free and open to the public and is offered in partnership with the BCYF's Tobin Community Center. The group leader is Hannah Weisman, who has rained in Taijquan since 2007. Hannah Weisman is a teacher of Taijiquan at Wu Xing Chinese Martial Arts. She has been training in Chinese martial arts with Master George Lawrence since 2007. Hannah currently resides in Boston and offers private & group instruction in Taijiquan.

Tobin Community Center

1481 Tremont Street · Boston, MA

What we're about

The Boston China Interest Network (formerly known as Boston China Business Opportunities Network) is a group that promotes understanding and awareness of China's economy, business, and changing culture.

Since starting the group, we have expanded the purpose of this group to go beyond the realm of business. Some of our events will continue to be related to business in China, but most are social and conversational in nature - allowing both educational and personal development opportunities in a low stress setting.

We also have events that are more culturally or socially oriented, such as the weekly bilingual Mandarin-English chat group and the weekly bilingual Cantonese-English chat group at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health at 677 Huntington Avenue in Boston's Longwood Medical Area (LMA), near Brigham Circle, which is served by the #66 and #39 buses and the Huntington Avenue Green Line (E-Line).

For our weekly social conversations, we look for those who will return week after week after week, not merely those who will visit one time and engage that night's attendees (then never return again to continue building friendships).

Meanwhile, check out JUCCCE - together we create a greener China

Also, check out since ( so many dine out afterwards in Chinatown.


And for your own curiosity and learning, you might wish to check out these ten (10) OTHER Chinese interest, China interest, Asian interest (that INCLUDES China and Chinese), and Mandarin and/or Cantonese language meetups that you may ALSO want for your networking.

Boston Asian Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (

The Boston Mandarin Chinese Language Meetup Group (
One monthly event; historically unfriendly to OUR meetup but NOT to our members who want to join THEIR meetup and attend THEIR event(s?).

Boston English-Chinese Exchange Club (

Chinese conversation and classic poetry (
This Meetup group no longer has an organizer. A member needs to step up as the new organizer

Mandarin-Quarter ( - Meetup is sponsored by Vicky Gu but has never held a meetup event

Asian American Group Boston (
Owned by Willie Wong, Cantonese-speaking ABC who does accounting
Very few events, typically eating or drinking or watching movies

Greater Boston Asian Professionals Meetup (
Should be Asian AND Professional AND provide photo verification AND attend events AND respond honestly and backup event registration by attending each time you say you will attend one of their events.

Boston Asian Singles Meet And Socialize (
Hardly EVER holds an event

Asian American Club for the 35+ crowd (
Reportedly has held 25 events so far, but their calendar is not public
Photo required, and not at all transparent. If you like a closed gropu with lots of secrecy and protection, that Asian American Club for the 35+ crowd ( group may be for you.

Boston China Travel Meetup

• Now, if it WERE possible for us, our members, or any interested persons to crosspost OUR events to THEIR meetups, that would be really nice.

• If it WERE possible to attend their events and invite their meetup attendees to our chats, that would be really nice, also.

IN OUR MEETUP Jiaqi Li is the new, current, impressively competent weekly chat event host! Thank you.
Our events ARE
public, relatively frequent, and pretty open to persons of good will who DEMONSTRATE a real interest in any of the range of topics of our meetups and are NOT demonstrably 'tire kickers' trying to attend events to look at a few of our attendees to see what they are like.

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