How to Produce a LARP: Theory, Workshop & Instruction

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Producing a LARP
Theory, Workshop and Instruction

Do you keep daydreaming about running your own LARP, whether it's a single one-shot game, or a long-term campaign game, but you're paralyzed by all the unknowns? Well let's get you unstuck. EVERYONE can produce a LARP. You don't have to have crazy budgets or wild production values to start out— all you need is an idea and a plan for how to make it happen. This day-long workshop is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to get your game going. Let's turn those daydreams into reality and create amazing experiences!

Module 1: Conceptualization (10am - 11:30am)
Coming up with a game idea and understanding what format that game may take
Topics covered: Core concept, Theme(s), Tone, Format, Mechanics

Theory: 30 minutes
Workshop & Instruction: 1 hour

Lunch Break - BYO lunch or go get food locally (30 minutes)

Module 2: Development (12pm - 1:30pm)
Fleshing out your game and making it playable and understandable.
Topics covered: Worldbuilding: top-down vs bottom-up approaches to building & elements of creating immersive worlds. Rules: fitting mechanics to your vision; creating rules systems vs modifying existing systems; formal elements vs dramatic elements.

Theory: 30 minutes
Workshop & Instruction: 1 hour

Module 3: Pre-production (1:30pm - 3pm)
Doing the work it takes to make bring the idea into reality.
Topics covered: Budgeting: how to make a budget, templates provided. Logistics: venues, staffing, scheduling, food/beverage, insurance. Communications: player communications, staff communications. Production Hacking: how to make stuff look good for cheap.

Theory: 30 minutes
Workshop & Instruction: 1 hour

Module 4: Event Production (3pm - 4:30pm)
How to actually run your event.
Topics covered: player and staff onboarding and expectation-setting, debriefs & deroleing, utilizing runtime schedules, managing conflict resolution, managing staff communications.

Theory: 30 minutes
Workshop & Instruction: 1 hour