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Boston PHP is the largest education-focused Meetup in New England with more than 3,800 members.

We have been meeting since 2002 and typically meet monthly on a Wednesday at Wayfair in Copley Square. We discuss a wide range of full-stack development topics related to PHP.

While our in-person meetups focus on full-stack development related to PHP, our member engagement strategy offers services beyond in-person meetups. Our mission is to engage all members in continuing education efforts. For example, we have developed 12 virtual self-study groups that are conducted during the down time between in-person Meetups. The following groups are managed by volunteer members (Senior Percolators):

Agile Appetizer
Angular Stew
API a la Mode
AWS Snack
Blockchain Lo Mein
Drupal Diner
Git Lunch
HTML5 Brunch
jQuery jAM
PHP Percolate
Social Side Dish
WordPress Dressing

More than 230 members have completed at least one of these courses and are enshrined on our Self-Study Group | Wall of Accomplishment.


In addition, more than 280 members receive job postings from other members via our Boston PHP Job Board (beta).


We are looking for leaders to join our continuing education efforts. Learn how you can participate.


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Post Pandemic Challenge


Microsoft wants you to succeed. Boston PHP is proud to provide support.

Microsoft, though its LinkedIn Learning initiative, has made the following Learning Path FREE through the end of 2021:

Become a Software Developer

Yes, FREE.

11 Courses >>> 30 hours

You receive one certificate for each course completed. Complete all 11 courses and you ...

Become a Software Developer

You could do this on your own. But, why would you want to when you can join your fellow Boston PHP members and receive support and encouragement along the way in our virtual self-study group?

There will be one -- and only one -- virtual self-study group from now until the end of 2021. It will be led by Gene Babon, Boston PHP Co-Organizer and Chief Percolator.

All you need to begin is a LinkedIn profile. All you need to join our virtual self-study group is to "RSVP: Yes" to this Post Pandemic Challenge.

NOTE: There is NO classroom instruction. There are NO Zoom meetings. There are NO scheduled appointments of any kind.

Details on how our virtual self-study group will provide support can be found in the Boston PHP Discussion Board set up for the Post Pandemic Challenge.


Invite your co-workers.
Invite your geeky friends.

Let's take the Post Pandemic Challenge together.

Gene Babon
Co-Organizer & Chief Percolator
Boston PHP Meetup


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