• HTML5 Brunch: Season 9
    "Narrowing the skills gap, one chapter at a time." NOTE: This virtual self-study group will be led by Nancy Shaw, Senior Percolator. Udacity offers a free course called Responsive Web Design Fundamentals. https://www.udacity.com/course/responsive-web-design-fundamentals--ud893 In five lessons we will learn the following: ~ Why Responsive ~ Starting Small ~ Building Up ~ Common Responsive Patterns ~ Optimizations Self-Study Group Format The format of a virtual self-study group is as follows: • Each participant obtains access to Responsive Design Fundamentals at Udacity. https://auth.udacity.com/sign-up • Each participant commits to review the recommended videos each week, complete the exercises and post links to your completed work. • Each participant obtains assistance by posting questions to a discussion area set up on the Boston PHP Message Board (coming soon) for each chapter. Each comment will receive a response. Participants will also receive a weekly group e-mail update. • Each participant who completes the course is recognized on the Self-Study Group | Wall of Accomplishment. NOTE: There is no classroom instruction. There are no webcasts. There are no scheduled appointments of any kind. Once you have access to Udacity, you simply proceed at a pace that best fits into your current work/life schedule. How Do I Get Started? • Become a member of Boston PHP Meetup if you are not already a member. Simply click: Join us! https://www.meetup.com/bostonphp/ • Register for HTML5 Brunch, Season 9. Simply RSVP: Yes https://www.meetup.com/bostonphp/events/255396331/ • Obtain access to Udacity. Then, start your virtual learning by reviewing one video at a time, completing the exercises and posting a link to your completed work. FAQs: Q: How long will the course last? A: We will cover five courses starting Sunday, November 4, 2018 and continuing until Saturday, December 8, 2018. Refer to the HTML5 Brunch, Season 9 -- Master Discussion List (coming soon) for specific dates. Q: Do I have to wait until Sunday, November 4 to begin? A: No need to wait! Feel free to begin as soon as you obtain access to Udacity. Simply post a message on the Introduce Yourself message board (coming soon) once you gain access so that we can gauge participation. Then, proceed at a pace that best fits your current work/life schedule. Q: What if I have additional questions? A: Simply post a reply below ("Add a comment") and you will receive a response. Invite your friends, family members and co-workers to join in the fun. Let's do Brunch! Nancy Shaw Senior Percolator Gene Babon Chief Percolator


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