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6:00 PM ** 2018 Dionysus Day Pre-Thanksgiving Semi-Formal Wine Tasting
***This is for the 6:00 PM Start Time*** Like last year, we have 5 different start times, to make the check in process easier and smoother. Once again we are hosting Dionysus Day, Our Pre-Thanksgiving Semi-Formal Wine Tasting and would love it if you could make it. If you have never been to this event, it is quite an event. (Also, there will be some non meetup people here, we invite our friends as well, just like in years past) It is the day before Thanksgiving, So if you are in town, you know you don't have anything you have to do early the next day. It is a blind wine tasting, and you are asked to bring a bottle of wine with you that we will bag up when you come in and it will be placed out for tasting. PLEASE BRING NO FOOD. We will handle all of the food. We are asking people to contribute at least $5-$10 per person to help cover event costs. ******************************************** Like last year, you will be handed a grading sheet upon entry. From here you can track, by number, the wines you like and what you thought they were. We will have a spreadsheet with all of the wines on it and it will be posted online the next day. So please bring a bottle of wine you would like others to try (We will be provide a TON of other food, bring your appetite) ******It is also once again a SEMI FORMAL event. Meaning guys MUST wear ties and girls MUST wear dresses. And no complaining, you know you want to dress up, you just don't have an excuse to, but don't fear, this is your excuse. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Rules: 1. Don't Spill 2. Bring a wine 3. Dress up 4. Have Fun 5. Make a New Friend 6. DON'T SPILL!!! **** Parking **** Parking is best to park on Meller, between Erie Parkway and Leyner. While our house is on Beshear, it also touches Meller and that will be closer parking. Beshear is a Cul De Sac, and will fill up FAST. It is the one with the well in the drive way (It will make sense when you see it) 2nd on the left in the Cul de Sac Please reach out if you have any questions.

Jeremy Teiber's house

628 N Beshear CT · Erie, CO


What we're about

Boulder Wine Meetup is a group of Boulder County wine enthusiasts who meet to taste and drink wine. No experience is necessary and we are all about having fun.

We have four different types of events:

Wine Education: These events involve learning about a specific aspect of wine. They are generally smaller (8-20 people) and usually include someone knowledgeable about the subject. No experience is necessary.

Wine Tastings: These events are the middle ground, usually 15-30 people and designed with tasting in mind. We'll usually discuss the wines and sometimes have score cards to rate them.

Wine Socials: These are larger events, with 20-60 people, and are as much about the socialization as the wine.

Wine Tours: Boulder Wine Meetup's main organizer Allan Wright happens to run two tour companies, Zephyr Adventures ( and Taste Vacations (, both of which offer wine (and food and beer) tours. Occasionally we'll add one of these tours to the Meetup group and see if we can get a Boulder County contingent to go.

If you have never been to a Boulder Wine Meetup event, don't be shy. Everyone is welcome, everyone makes friends, and you need have no experience or expertise.

If you sign up for a wine tasting, please show up! No-shows and late cancellations make it hard for organizers. We do ask organizers to mark No Shows on this website and will take action if necessary. At most of our events, attendees are asked to bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share. Remember you should bring a bottle of which you are proud - not just the cheapest bottle on the shelf. Please don't take home wine - opened or unopened - without the host's permission!

If you would like to host an event, please see this page about hosting (

Please note this group is composed of and run by volunteers. No one pre-screens hosts or checks to make sure hosts are doing things properly. No one pre-screens group members who might attend parties. No one checks to make sure you don't drink too much when you attend a tasting. You take full responsibility for yourself if you participate in this group.

The group is great fun and an excellent way to meet fellow wine fans!

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