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Join us for a Breath Meditation Meet-Up where we meditate with our breath to calm and clear our mind. Breath Meditation is a very simple and effective method to quiet our mind while watching our breath. It is non-religion based and suitable for all who are on his/her spiritual journey. With group support, one would find that breath meditation is calming and relaxing. Breath Meditation enables one to be in the present moment and builds one's trust in inner wisdom.

With Breath Meditation, one can improve work productivity; enhance one's inner state of well-being and also to better balance one's life. Keep our mind clutter free in this modern and fast-paced society with Breath Meditation now.

Breath Meditation- an inner journey to Self.

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Rebirthing Breathwork Package/Per Session (read details)

Needs a location

Join us in our weekly Rebirthing Breathwork eSession to uncover your subconscious programming and install new self-empowering programs. Our Rebirthing Breathwork eSession package deal is designed to help you to stay committed and convicted to your healing and self-discovery journey. Years ago, I have been sharing with people that Meditation must become a 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week) practice. Now, self-healing and self-discovery must become a 24/7 journey. It is no longer a yearly practice where we schedule time off once a year to retreat and work on ourselves. It is now getting more and more desirable to cleanse and heal ourselves constantly and regularly. This is part and parcel of raising our consciousness.

Registration: WhatsApp me directly and I will send you the Zoom link and password.

Rebirthing Breathwork eSessions
Single Class: S$50 per session

Packaged Deal: S$200 for 8 sessions (to be consumed within 4 months from the month of payment received)

For example, if you make a one-time payment of S$200 for the packaged deal on 8 Jan, you can attend 8 sessions from 8 Jan to 7 Apr 2022.
Currently, the sessions are held on every Saturday 7pm to 10pm SG Time. Depending on the demand, we may add in new sessions. This will be announced when the need arises.

We look forward to your commitment and conviction to your self-healing and self-discovery journey with us.

What is needed for this session:-

(1) Good WIFI connection, preferably through your laptop or computer. If you are using your mobile phone, please download Zoom App beforehand. As this is a 3 hour session, please ensure that you have your charger ready.

(2) Prepare a space where you can lay down and breathe. Your bed or a sofa would be nice. If not, a yoga mat or mattress on the floor can do too. Privacy is important. Hence, please let your family members know not to disturb during this period. Also give them a heads up that you may cry, yell or breathe loudly or make noises. Let them know you would be fine as this is just part of the releasing process.

(3) Prepare your bottled water, box of tissue paper and a plastic bag or a bin. Bottled water so that you will not accidentally knock and spill any water. Sometime, people may release by throwing something out. That's what a plastic bag or bin is for.

Registration: WhatsApp me directly and I will send you the Zoom link and password.

IMPORTANT: Please login 5 - 10 mins before the start time so that we can start on time. If you are having meals before the session, pls eat light.

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Breath Meditation Sun 8:30pm

Needs a location

Please register at:-

In the busyness of our city life, one could easily lose our balance and forget what we are truly striving for. Breath Meditation leads you in finding that balance in your daily living. A simple, non-religious form of practice that is exceptionally effective for both beginners and practitioners. Breath Meditation session is free for all.

To join this Meditation on Zoom, you will need to register at below Registration URL with your email address and name. The login details will be emailed to you upon your registration. Please check your email for the login link and the password.

Registration Link

Please login 5 mins before start time and mute your mic during the session.

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Love & Light,

Gladys [masked]


Rebirthing Breathwork Group Physical Class

Needs a location

Yes, physical classes are back! More than half of the year has gone by. Are you ready for the next half? Are there decisions to make? Yet, you feel stuck or unable to pick your choices? Come and breathe with us to unstuck or unblock yourself. Dive into your subconscious and reprogram your mind to serve you and help you to live the life you truly desire!

Date: 24th Jul (Sun)
Time: 10:00am – 1pm
Venue: One Heart
167 Geylang Road
#02-06 S389242
Fees: S$80 Only

Only limited seats available. First-come-first-serve basis!

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Breath Meditation Sun 8:30pm

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