What we're about

We promote good times and community through inclusive and have-fun oriented cycling activities. Meet new people and explore NYC on one of the best folding bikes in the world - whether you own your own Brompton, are just beginning to learn about bicycles, or simply want to explore new ways of experiencing city life. Scenic rides in all 5 boros, food rides, longer adventure rides - we really go anywhere we can imagine taking a bike! We look forward to meeting you!

We are an open and inclusive community for anyone and everyone. That means you! Join us.

Be sure to use the hashtag #BromptonNYC & tag us on your pictures to share your Brompton adventures.

Brompton New York Code of Conduct

In order to have a safe and fun group, we request that all of our community members follow some basic rules to ensure that everyone has a great time.

• We welcome any kind of bike and any type of rider in our group. However, some rides may be better suited to specific types of bikes and riders. If you’re not sure if a ride is right for you or your bike, just ask! We’re happy to help.

• No one gets left behind! We wait for all riders and finish the ride together.

• We do not encourage drinking alcohol and riding. However, if drinking and riding are taking place at the same event, we are responsible and arrange for appropriate transportation.

• Helmets are recommended to all riders.

• We are honest about our ability to participate. We only commit to events we plan to attend.

• We do not use this platform to sell anything. This group is purely for social purposes.

Past events (311)

Ride your Brommie in a Mardi Gras Parade Ride


Bronxville Ride - 14mi

Morris-Jumel Mansion

International Foodie Series-The Real Chinatown in Queens

Brompton Junction New York

Mid-Winter Ride to Bloomer Beach - 12mi

Central Park