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What we’re about

Build with Code is a community of coders organized by Codesmith. We host free weekly HTML & CSS, JavaScript, software engineering and career-oriented workshops through immersive lectures and pair-programming sessions. Welcome!

Join our community to learn beginner to advanced JavaScript concepts live-streamed online! Most of our events posted will be taking place in the Pacific Time Zone!

We offer a range of workshops, including:
• Web Development Fundamentals & Intro to JavaScript: This workshop series covers the foundation of all web development from HTML & CSS, to variables, looping and functions.
• JavaScript the Hard Parts: Go under-the-hood of more complex JavaScript concepts like callbacks, higher-order functions (functional programming with JavaScript), object-oriented programming, closure, scope and execution context.
• Build a Web App Series: Learn concepts like Dom Manipulation and React by building your own web app in under 2 hours
• How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer: Led by Codesmith CEO and Frontend Masters instructor Will Sentance, you’ll learn the five skills that you must have in order to succeed in the job search, including how to effectively whiteboard through coding interviews.

Price: Codesmith’s mission is to make coding accessible to everyone, so we offer these free workshops weekly. Open to all!


About Codesmith: (

Codesmith is a center for software engineers, offering a top-rated coding immersive program, free learning resources online & in-person, and a tight-knit community.

We teach computer science, object-oriented JavaScript, React, Angular, Node, distributed systems and mobile development so our grads can secure mid- to senior level software engineering positions or launch their own ventures.

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