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What we’re about

Are you an adult gay man in Northern California? Do you love hiking, camping, backpacking, and exploring the outdoors? Then California Adventurers is the group for you!

California Adventurers, which is the state's largest outdoors group for gay men (we have so few spaces just for us these days), is for guys who are interested in hiking, camping, and other wholesome outdoor adventures in Northern California. We are outdoor enthusiasts and encourage men to join us as we explore the great outdoors. Members are encouraged to submit ideas for hikes and other adventures throughout Northern California (coast, coastal range, Trinity Alps, Central Valley, foothills, and Sierras). Group activities are often for specific skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Members of this group respect mother nature, focus on conservation and leave no trace of litter on our lands.

The group organizer reserves the right to remove any member from the group at any point for any reason and to restrict entrance into the group.