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Let's share in growth and learning on a deep level through cultural activities in the Boston area that explore fine arts, history, philosophy and more.

Hi, I’m Anthony and I just moved to this rich city to enjoy all it has to offer. It’s a great opportunity to grow on a deep level and moreover I hope to share these experiences with others.

Let’s take part in some of the following types of activities:

  • Visit art and history museums
  • Take a class on an interesting subject
  • Read or research a particular topic and discuss in a cafe or hybrid
  • Thoughtful conversations in a park or garden over a picnic
  • Discuss life goals and how we can help achieve them

I believe in depth and high quality and aim to build a community around those who seek the same.

Additionally, as we mature, I aim to encourage creative activities centered around subjects that help us to do so. These can be great ways to learn a subject, express ourselves in doing so while creating in a collaborative way.

We value:

  • Openness
  • Aesthetics
  • Personal Growth
  • Inspired thought
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility of self and to others


I am personally a huge supporter of the sovereign individual and that we may have many approaches to life, so I am very careful and thoughtful about any "rules" for a group. That said, here's what I have currently which I think are entirely minimal and fair.

* With regards to any current events/political conversations *

I understand that in a group like this those kind of conversations come up. That said, I ask that whenever someone expresses a view point they consider the following:

  • Assume that there is at least one person in the group who thinks differently from you
  • That person has thoughtful come to their position (no matter how awful you think it is) and is coming from their own informed and good place
  • That person would not feel attacked or marginalized for your expression

Of all of the "conduct" policies this is the most important one to me.

* Spam *

  • This goes without saying but I'll remove anyone immediately who joins the meetup with the sole intention to post spam on discussion threads.

* Using my personal contact *

  • Unfortunately this had to come up. But for convenience I have given out my number and it had been misused in one rare instance. If you have anyone's contact, please use it respectfully. A rare instance where I removed a member was receiving an inappropriate text at 4:30 am.

* RSVP *

  • This isn't a hard "rule" but please do your best to update your RSVP if your plans change as soon as you can. I am good at a adapting and I respect that people's plans change but knowing what to expect as soon as possible helps me greatly.


  • Did you get your name from that episode in "The Office"?
    • Yes
  • Do I need to be knowledgeable in a particular subject matter?
    • Absolutely not! This is an opportunity to learn and grow together. That being said, if we're having a discussion as part of Book Club activity or something similar, I may provide suggested materials. I know time is limited so I will also start conversations with materials we can view or read together before diving deep into an event.
  • Can I suggest an event?
    • Yes you may. That being said, I have particular goals with the group and may be very selective (hope you understand). I am focused on experiences that take time and dissection to appreciate. For this reason, while I make no judgements, there will be no events related to Alcohol, Recreational Drugs or nudity - this includes things like Wine Tasting and Figure Drawing.
  • I RSVPed but I may not be able to attend
    • No reason to provide an explanation or anything, but please update your RSVP as soon as possible so that I can adapt accordingly. It helps planning greatly and is appreciated if you can do that a day or two prior and not last minute.
  • What if I need to run late?
    • I'll do what I can to make that work, but I have noticed that it can be challenging to track others down if it's a museum meetup and sometime late members struggle in integrate as well. So I highly encourage you to arrive promptly if you can.
  • Will events be online, in-person, hybrid?
    • I hope to build on personal connections and so I will aim for mostly in-person events. That being said, some events that lend themselves to a virtual setting may have an online component.
  • For online/hybrid events, do I need to be part of The Greater Boston Area?
    • Nope! All are welcome!
  • The club's name specifies Cambridge, will most in-person events be in Cambridge?
    • Not necessarily, though that is where I am currently living. I will try to facilitate a variety of events in the Greater Boston Area, in which all are welcome. To be honest the alliteration of Cambridge Culture Club (CCC) just rolled off the tongue for me :)

Past events (22)

MFA: Cy Twombly & Monet - Mar. 31 (Discounts Available)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

EduCreate: History of Music (Read Description)

Cambridge Public Library

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Free Admission)

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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