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What we’re about

We were born and raised in high control groups and, since leaving these groups, have struggled to understand the damage a movement revolving around a charismatic leader and/or elite few can do to the other members. 

Our concerns lie with broken family connections, spiritual and physical abuse, financial abuse, insufficient education and the psychological problems stemming from all of these issues. While we understand that the ideologies of each unique group do have significant bearing on peoples' lives, our focus is to address the unhealthy manipulation experienced by members and not debate the "rightness" or "wrongness" of organizations' belief systems. 

We want to provide a forum to share stories and ideas, empathize, learn, heal and connect to sources of aid. If you are tired of being ashamed of your former involvement (or are trying to leave) a high control group and would like to meet others who share the same experience, you have come to the right place.      

Anyone who was born into or actively joined a movement -- regardless of size, faith, ideology or length of the group's existence -- and has experienced undue influence that altered their lives should consider joining. All ages and backgrounds are welcome. 

Our members are looking to understand both the positive and negative aspects of their experiences and are open to learning from others' stories.   

Please join our group if you would like to share your story and/or simply listen and learn. It's cathartic to connect with others who understand and have overcome or are still struggling with similar situations. 

Come to a monthly meet-up that begins with a presentation focusing on a differing theme with each meeting.  Topics might include what constitutes a harmful group, specific struggles of people raised as children in high-control organizations (aka Second Generation Adults), gurus and Eastern-based organizations, shunning within groups, charismatic Christian groups, finding professional help, connecting with estranged family members and much more. 

The remainder of each meet up will be open to comment and discussion and end with the opportunity for members to better get to know each other.