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Chant Love Peace and Harmony for the World In-Person or Teleconference
Join hearts and souls with an hour of singing and moving with "Love Peace and Harmony". In-Person or Teleconference[masked] Passcode:[masked]# When many people join hearts and souls together to chant and meditate, this automatically creates a powerful field. We become what we chant, so as we chant to create world love, peace and harmony, each of us is transforming the message we carry within. We will include focusing on sending Love Peace and Harmony to all the individuals and souls that have been affected by current disasters. Divine Soul Songs carry the high frequency and vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Your body naturally resonates with this elevated frequency, and responds by activating love, peace and harmony throughout your being.

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What we're about

The Center for Soul Healing empowers people to become healthier and happier by improving any aspect of life. Our members often want to:
- Transform a challenge related to their health, relationships or finances.
- Develop their ability to talk with their Soul and their Heaven’s team with words, pictures and concepts.
- Create a way they can improve the lives of many people during this time of great transition on Mother Earth.

Soul Healing focuses on the soul – your soul, the soul of your organs, your house, your relationships, your business, your finances, etc.

“Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.“
-- Master Sha, Soul Mind Body Medicine, The Power of Soul.

Each person on our team has experienced first-hand the tremendous power of Soul Healing techniques. We desire to “pass it forward” and share this important knowledge with others.

Join us as together we learn Soul Healing techniques and practices introduced by Master Sha to remove energy and spiritual blockages that are the root cause of any challenging situation. Most Soul Healing techniques are very simple yet highly effective. Many are sacred and secret practices known only to high-level masters who for thousands of years have applied them for healing themselves, healing others, opening their spiritual channels, attaining enlightenment and much more.

Together, we will boost our soul healing abilities, share our experiences and breakthroughs and create a community of soul healers developing our Soul Healing abilities to help ourselves and help others including our loved ones, our community, Mother Earth and beyond.

"I have the power to heal myself.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Together, we have the power to heal the world"
-- Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, The Power of Soul

Come! Join us and experience the power of Soul Healing in a group!

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