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What we’re about

The Center for Soul Healing's focus is to empower you by bringing together like minded people who are also in search of ways to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. How? Simply by singing Love, Peace , and Harmony. You can download this at

=A Simple exercises to practice: Download and listen to Love, Peace, Harmony. You can say: " I am sending Love, Peace and Harmony to the area of pain" and see your life transform.

Our members often want to:

- Join and Participate with like minded individuals seeking to transform, uplift, enhance, empower, their lives with simple techniques and share them with others.

-Transform a challenge related to their health, mental, emotional, relationships or finances.  

-Soul Healing focuses on the Shen (known as the heart and soul) of where the message originates in the body. What occurs in the body the negative energy flow thru the body and shows up in physical form as pain, illness, stress, anxiety, or other ailment.

-Together, by singing Love, Peace, and Harmony in our lives we can create a community of people developing our abilities to help ourselves and others including our loved ones, our community, Mother Earth and beyond.

"If you have the power to heal yourself,

You have the power to heal others.

Together, we have the power to heal the world."

Join us and experience the power of Soul Healing in a group!

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