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*** NOTE: This meetup is temporarily not meeting in person until COVID issues are resolved - please keep an eye out for an update to this notice. Some meetups have been removed from the calendar and will be rescheduled when we start meeting again. Others remain on the calendar but are still temporarily closed and will be noted as open when they can start meeting again. Sorry for the confusion.

In the mean time note we have a club on chess.com:


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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Seattle Chess Meetup! This Meetup is intended to be a casual get together for chess players of all levels-- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Members of this meetup range in ability from novice to master. If anyone is interested in being an assistant organizer, let me know. Assistant organizers can set up their own meetings. It might be a particularly good idea for advanced chess players to set up their own meetups.

Bottom line: This meetup is for ANYONE! Please come out and join us!

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Friday chess at Greenlake

6846 Woodlawn Ave NE

Bring your own sets and clocks. An expert player will discuss how to apply basic strategy like pawn structure and initiative to a game, for the first half hour at a side table if any are interested.

This meetup is shut down until the COVID-19 crisis is less of a threat. The meetup includes several vulnerable elderly.

Marysville Meetup


We usually have the meetup at Haggen in Marysville around 1 pm on Sundays.

Drunken Knights Chess Club

shultzy's bar and grill seattle

Please note that this meetup is not meeting temporarily due to COVID closure. Please keep an eye out for an update in the future when it is able to meet again.

Blitz + Beers Chess

Armistice Coffee Roaster Roosevelt

*** NOTE: This meetup is temporarily closed until COVID issues are resolved - please keep an eye out for an update to this notice ***

We play blitz (which means speed chess - usually 5 minutes per side). If you'd like to play a different speed or without a clock at all that's great too!

Wednesday Nights starting at 6:00pm

Armistice Coffee Roasters
6717 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

They serve coffee, tea, beer, wine and cocktails. Feel free to have a drink or two - up to you!

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Blitz + Beers Chess

Armistice Coffee Roaster Roosevelt

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