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This group is dedicated to the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Through constellation work participants can connect to their own ancestors. Participants can find resolution to the places in life that are stuck, whether this is with success, romantic relationships, family, career or finances.

When the family system is a good order, love flows to us and success comes to us. When the family system is stuck, life can be a struggle. The family system can be tangled from any unresolved trauma from past generations, known or unknown to members of the family. Unresolved trauma could be a sibling that died in childhood, a parent that lost their parent at an early age, a grandfather surviving WWII. The unresolved trauma lives on in the family soul. This can block us from success, health, romantic relationships, career and finances we desire in life.

If you are experiencing blocks that you can't associate to anything specific, Or if you are experiencing blocks that stems from an undefined sadness, this group may be for you. Find the deep peace and relief from family constellations.

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