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What we’re about

The mission of Code in Color is to engender a cultural appreciation for software as an artistic medium for creative expression and storytelling.

Software has become a ritual part of daily life. Nearly everything -- from our phones to our cars -- is powered by software. But despite its omnipresence, the people who build it and write it appear hidden. 

Code in Color asserts that software is an art form -- much like music or painting; and at the center of all art are the people that make it and the subjects it portrays. Software, just like art, exists in a social, economic, and political context. It is a means of production, and ownership of the means of production is tantamount to the exercise of power and control in this context. Due to the historical processes at play shaping this context, many are excluded from the benefits of its production. And thus Code in Color aims to foster empowerment and inclusion in an otherwise disillusioning or even hostile environment.