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What we’re about

Want to carve out some creative code time where you can work on your projects without anybody looking over your shoulder or wondering when you'll be finished with that feature? Or maybe there's a language or technology that you've really wanted to try but haven't found the time to do it!

Do yourself a favor and come out to Code & Coffee where you can sit down and code to your heart's content on whatever project you bring! Whatever the language and level, show up

Whether you are a total beginner or well experienced, we welcome you to join us if you are interested in code pairing, enhancing your technical skills in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Angular.js, Node.js. and much more. 

We started this for anyone currently taking the Free Code Camp courses online (at hoping to connect with a local campers in Orange County, CA, but have expanded to those interested in learning other programming languages and related technical skills. 

If you would like to host an event or have a venue in mind, feel free to reach out!