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Our Motto: "Treat everyone here as if they were your best friend"

This meetup is about meeting new friends, expanding your social circles and having some fun all at the same time. Please add a current mug shot showing your pearly whites!!!

What is Friendship:

It is something what is very valuable but you can't buy it. It must be protected. You have to take care of friendship because it is very easy to lose a friend but after that it is much more difficult to recover it again. It is like a treasure. You must keep it in safety. If you don't, it will not last anymore. Friendship is soft. It's someone who you get on well with. Who you like to be with and who you would miss if you lost him. It's somebody who stands by you if you have some problems, who gives you advice, who has always time for you.

Our secret is: If you are shy, that’s great because we will greet you, get you a name tag and introduce you to all of our friends. If I see you all by yourself, I will come up to you, engage you in a conversation and introduce you to even more of our friends. The only thing you need is a strong desire to get out of the house, meet some new friends, laugh, be positive and have some fun. Leave the rest to me......

Like conversation? Like meeting new people? Then this meetup is for you! Whether or not you're a coffee snob or are a connoisseur of chai and Peruvian mate, come out and meet new people in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The Denver CoffeeHouse Group merges people from all age groups, various walks of life, married and single alike. So come join us as we venture outside the realm of Starbucks for some homegrown caffeinated drinks along with great conversation at some of Denver's BEST locally owned coffee houses on weekend mornings and nights. This meetup is for people who want to get out of the house and meet some new friends and who love coffee!!!!

Rima and Rodney

PS We also organize 3 other meetup groups and you are welcome to join.

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