What we're about

Goal of this Group:

This group is for people who want to connect with others who share the vision of creating a place where we will enjoy a sense of belonging, necessary security, and long lasting social ties. Cohousing offers a unique way of taking control of our shelter and resurrecting a form of village community to provide a sustainable living environment. We are able and willing to proactively take some responsibility for doing what needs to be done (socially, financially, politically) to make this vision a reality.

The desire for intentional communities is everywhere. People are waking up to the idea that our current model of neighborhood living is ecologically unsustainable, but moreover, is socially and personally un-fulfilling. If you feel this way or know others that do, we're not alone. More than that, we aren't pioneering a brand new idea; cohousing has been successful in Colorado for over 20 years.

Who we are:

We are a multi-generational group with an intention to promote interaction and support at all stages of living in an environmentally conscious way. We are inviting other professionals, single parents, families, retirees, singles, and working class people, to begin a series of conversations and activities to discuss our commitment to the ideal of sustainable neighborhood living. Above all, we choose to be happy!

Energy and Sustainability:

Imagine a place where we produce all of the energy we need to run our households, a place that provides a venue to encourage social stability with cooperation and friendships, and provides a way to sustain this vision through outreach efforts to the greater surrounding communities. We’ll explore options for construction that produce a well-built home that uses minimal energy, then we’ll investigate options to reach net zero energy using onsite energy production such as photovoltaic, wind, and geothermal systems.

Past events (14)

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