What we're about

This is a safe place for designers of all sorts, developers, PMs and all the professionals involved in creating digital products, who want to share experiences, frustrations, questions, and interests about their profession.

This is meant for people who want to do good design, great products, high quality work, and need to come to tradeoffs all the time. Though tradeoffs might be a good thing, sometimes even fun, other times they can also be very frustrating. This is the space to share all of this.

This Café will give the opportunity to share inspirations and resources (books, talks, movies, links,...) about design and all the things that drove you a step forward, that made you a better designer.

Every two weeks, a topic will be picked and that will be our conversation starter for our meet-up.

Feel free to suggest your topics in the comments.

I hope you'll enjoy.

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VR and Experience Prototyping

Online event

> Meet Laura Boffi In our first Meetup, I will introduce you Laura Boffi, my favorite interaction and service designer. She will speak about her VR project "Co-Drive". She will tell us the whys and the hows of her research and how she manages to gather the most meaningful insights to design VR applications. Then you will be able to ask Laura questions or present your VR or Research related projects and challenges. > A bit more about Laura With a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Politecnico of Torino, and two Master degree (one in Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, and one in Interaction Design at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), Laura is interested in researching how people create their own culture within their context and around the objects they use. In particular, she is interested in highlighting how people engage with the material and technological artifacts they are surrounded by. To do so, Laura creates props and probes that foster and facilitate her research so to gather meaningful insights in real life contexts.

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