What we're about

Interested in ghost hunting or the paranormal? Now is your chance to hook up with other ghost hunters all throughout our great state of Colorado and beyond!

We have teamed up with professional paranormal investigation teams, tour companies, and event hosts from all over United States to offer you many opportunities to broaden your knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the fascinating field of the paranormal. The majority of our investigations are held right here in Colorado, although we do occasionally advertise much larger venues that are out of state.

Members of our group range from complete amateurs who have never been on an investigation to members of professional paranormal teams -- and even ghost hunting TV celebrities! This extremely diverse group works together in a mindset that the field of paranormal study is not a proven science, therefore everyone is entitled to their fair share of belief or skepticism. We are not judgmental of others and are not out to "debunk", but rather to foster an attitude of learning and fun.

Although our primary focus is to have fun, we are also serious and respectful when it comes to paranormal investigation. We encourage all of our members to share their beliefs in a open-minded forum.

Join us! We look forward to meeting you at our next "ghostly" event!

Rose Glenn

Lead Organizer,

Colorado Ghost Hunters Meetup Group

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