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What we’re about

With the recent passage of Prop 122 and SB290, this is a place to share and learn about entheogenics and plant medicine practices. What do plant medicines have to offer us? What sort of preparation will help us benefit the most from these alternate states of mind? What is integration and why is it important? How can we practice indigenous reciprocity?

And moving into the implementation phases of the NMHA in 2024, how can/should we be involved in the legislative decisions that will impact the future use and availability of these natural medicines?

You might be interested in this meetup if:

  1. You’re interested in how these naturally occurring substances can be used medicinally.
  2. You’ve experienced and benefited personally from these substances.
  3. You want to discuss how the Prop 122 etc. initiatives are being rolled out.
  4. You want to get involved in how the initiatives in Prop 122 etc. are implemented.
  5. You want to be part of the regional community where this is happening.

This group is NOT for you if:

  • You want to get high and escape from reality
  • You want to party and forget about your troubles
  • You want to buy drugs
  • You want to sell drugs

**This group is designed for educational purposes. Please do not make any posts in this group or its events to solicit, sell or offer illegal drugs. Such posts will be removed and the responsible individual banned from the group. This group is for educational, scientific, and spiritual purposes only. These natural medicines are for use by those age 21 and older.**

**INCIDENT REPORT:** Please let our leadership team know of any predatory, harassment and/or illegal behavior that has happened directly to you or that you witnessed at any of our events. You can message the Meetup Group's Organizers or

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