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What we’re about

Please make sure you also join the Facebook Group , as that is where almost everything is taking place. This meetup group is dormant.

Personal finance plays a critical role in everyone's life. With the right approach, a bit of common sense and the right knowledge, anybody can take control of his/her finance, get out of debt, grow his/her wealth and and enjoy the feelings of confidence and freedom that come with a safe financial future.

SimplyFI is a non-profit community of personal finance and investing enthusiasts who help and empower each other to achieve financial independence.

​We are not professional advisors. What we share is based on our personal experiences. This means we're not trying to sell you anything ;-) Instead, we volunteer to organize meetups where we can all learn from each other.

We're not getting paid, nor get commission from any sources. We run this group 100% as volunteers because we believe it is important. Let us know if you want to join us and contribute!

We are the official UAE chapter of the Bogleheads®, and follow their simple and effective guiding principles for investing in the stock market. <br>

​We are also the official UAE chapter of ChooseFI, a podcast that empowers its community to take action towards financial independence.

​Please contribute your ideas on saving and investing.

Financial literacy is our greatest asset and it is free to share!


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Our Facebook Group <br>

Note that this group is a local chapter of the Bogleheads community. You can find more about the Bogleheads® on the Official Bogleheads Website. <br>


The SimplyFI Team