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What we’re about

Maybe you have been feeling isolated due to COVID, and you want to make more friends and maybe find a partner. Maybe you are going to job interviews, and you wish to improve your interview skills. Maybe you are a technical person who usually works alone, but you want to improve your social life, too. Whatever your reasons, if you are usually a quiet person, but you wish to improve your communication with people, then this group is for you.

In this group, you will learn effective tools to

- Improve self-confidence
- Start conversations with strangers
- Continue conversations without awkward silences
- Feel comfortable in front of people
- Have engaging and enjoyable conversations
- Reach mutual understanding with people

To accomplish the above, we'll have free weekly communication meetings online.

ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: I used to be one of the quiet people, but now I have been helping people with communication skills at a non-profit organization for over 25 years. I'm organizing this group because I like helping people with communication. To me, true communication is the most valuable thing in this universe.

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center in Sacramento, California.

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