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What we’re about

This group was originally set up as Broomfield Beverage and then North Central Colorado Connect (N3C). After setting up events across the greater Denver area and attending other meetups, I felt it needed a name change. I have asked people who use meetup how they select events and have learned that I need to change the name of the group something shorter and more descriptive. Today more than ever, even though we are surrounding by a great amount of people on a daily basis, we can feel disconnected. With today's busy lifestyle and culture it can be difficult to establish new personal connections. I am trying to establish a group that provides human connection and an opportunity to build new relationship (in whatever form) through conversation, activities, games, meals, and of course beverages.

I am changing the name of the group to Connecting Adults 30's/40's. I am hoping that this will communicate my intentions of meeting new people and accommodating all types of people that enjoy different food, beverages, activities, and games.

We meet in Greater Denver Area and is geared to anyone who is wanting human connection, good conversation, good food and beverage of any kind. This group is open to singles and couples. Each event can be set up were the Singles can mingle with singles and the couples can meet new couples. This is to provide the opportunity for new relationships to be built. Places to eat, have drinks (anywhere from coffee to beer), or even places to just hang out, so we can all chat, will be selected in different locations across the Greater Denver Area. This will include places like Boulder, Arvada, Louisville, Lodo, Highlands, Downtown Denver, Golden, etc.

Somethings I have come across at other meetups and will try and prevent from happing in this group:

1. The host didn't show up at the venue at the start time and then not at all

2. The meetup was unorganized and/or the venue was too loud to hear anybody

Also, looking for co-hosts to help set up events in different areas to help grow the group.