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INTIMACY, ENERGY and YOU!! -- Men's Night

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To ALL men who are interested in exploring 'out of the box' INTIMACY and adventuring into the world of ENERGY (Tantra - de-mystified) -

YOU are INVITED to INTIMACY, ENERGY & YOU!! Guaranteed YOU will learn things, that you have never known or experienced before ... in a very SAFE and COMPASSIONATE space. All details for this Event, as well as the MEN'S EVENT on the July 15th, and a Co-Ed Event on July 19th, Saturday, 3 PM - 10 PM (see below) !!

Your Facilitator will be: Mahima Gabriel
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Registration can be completed through here:

After registering, PLEASE send me, Mahima Gabriel, a PM with your email address, so that I may send any additional info or updates for these events. Thanks so much !!


ON JULY 10th (Women) and JULY 15th (Men) I will be facilitating/guiding an experiential journey of INTIMACY and ENERGY with those who attend.

-- FIRST and foremost, I want to begin taking INTIMACY 'out of the box' !!!

-- You will explore how to connect with what is REAL for you in the moment.

-- You will learn how to 'run your own ENERGY' at will .... any time, any place, and how that can amplify the quality of INTIMACY within yourself, as well as the INTIMACY you share with others.

-- You will begin to SEE and FEEL, that this 'energy' (that is so VERY powerful) has been with you all along - it's just a matter of learning how to TAP IN, and is a major key to REAL INTIMACY.

-- You will find out what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you want to share/explore with another and what is the most important thing you want another to share/explore with you, in any given moment, and ALSO the larger picture of what that is.

-- You will begin to learn to trust that 'who you are right NOW is always enough'. There is a SECRET I will reveal about this ... and why you may have never been aware of this before ....

-- There will be MORE, as I work very 'intuitively' & in the moment with what the ENERGY of the group is wanting/needing

I will work with both individuals in the group, as needed, (as I might in a private session) as well as the group as a whole.

There are separate nights for 'women only' and another for 'men only' - this is so you will more easily be able to FOCUS on yourSelf. When the 'gender thing' is there, I have found that folks often are distracted a bit more to what he/she may think. Not saying there couldn't be some self consciousness in a 'same gender' group .... but I find it to be diminished quite a bit.

These evenings will ALSO give women and men an opportunity in each of their 'special' nights to bring up challenges/questions around 'intimacy' with regards to the 'opposite gender' ... either anonymously (by sending me an email or FB message before the group) OR by asking within the group that evening ..... IT'S GOING TO BE FUN and certainly IN-LIGHTENING !!! :) There will likely be some things in these groups that you have never known or experienced before - at least this has been the 'report' from clients and participants in past groups I have facilitated:)

Part of the evening will take place 'IN THE POOL', so please 'bring a towel' and a 'non- glass water container' and anything else you may want - to tend to your own comfort ~

These 'women's and men's only' nights, will culminate in a co-ed day/evening in "INTIMACY, ENERGY & WE" - (Relating), Saturday, July 19th from 3 - 10 PM which will include group process's around Intimacy, Energy, in addition to a warm water pool - 'Puja-type' experience.

(July 19th)

**** PRIORITY for this CO-ED event on the 19th, will be given to those who have 'attended the men's and women's Groups'.

All 3 events in July will be held in the Oakland Hills at a beautiful home with a warm, salt water pool. Address-location will be given upon your registration.

Please note:
*** FYI - 5 cats live here
*** Please be scent free, including shampoo's, essential oils, etc.
*** If you feel you are contagious or coming down with something, please call to cancel. 925-[masked] or[masked]

Hosted by: Mahima Gabriel