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Nature Constellations: Going Beyond the Walls
Do you ever yearn for a sense of belonging, and to trust life more deeply? Nature and our ancestors are part of one larger wisdom that organizes our lives for health and thriving… Gather for a day of deep constellation work, immersed in nature. Trees, the wind, animals – anything might be part of the constellation! We will develop a profound trust in our environment, feeling connected and cared for, belonging to the larger field of what surrounds us – we are not alien, not a stranger, we are always, always part of what is. So, our problems can be seen as part of the environment. And, our healing can also be seen as part of the environment. This will be a day of connecting, enjoying food together, and being healed by nature and our ancestors. Cost: Through July 18th, $95; after July 18th, $115. Specific picnic ground will be given upon registration. For more information and to register, go to For any questions, contact Leslie at [masked].

Tilden Park

Wildcat Canyon Road · Berkeley, CA


What we're about

Are you suffering on behalf of your family?

Are you inspired by our ancestors, and how they are our ultimate source of support and wisdom?

Family Constellations are an opportunity to discover the sources of our baffling patterns of devotional suffering, and experience their elegant and satisfying re-solution.

Our Family Souls are accessible to us; they are our wellspring of love and life. But often something is not right, not properly in place. Family Constellations discovers these entanglements and puts things back in their truer pattern.

What does this mean practically for you? Often, we find that we have a painful pattern in our life that is not working for us and that resists resolution. Depression, employment issues, and relationship problems are just some of the issues that can be related to unresolved generational family trauma, and which find healing through the constellations process.

Family Constellations were developed by Bert Hellinger, a German priest and family systems therapist. He discovered that the family system, just like any other system, has its own natural order. When that order is disrupted, the effects are felt by subsequent generations as the system tries to right itself. Certain natural laws operate to maintain that order and permit the free flow of love between family members, the two main ones being:
• everyone has an equal right to belong to their family and is deserving of respect by the system

• those born first come first, so that parents give and children take

A well facilitated family constellation reveals the entanglements currently operating in the life of the client, and makes it possible for members to once again find their proper and happy place in their families.

This meetup is a "clearing house" for Systemic & Family Constellations work in the San Francisco Bay Area. It represents a wide variety of practitioners throughout the area who want to support each other and share the amazing work of Constellations to as broad an audience as possible.

Come to one of these meetups to get a taste of constellation work and see if it's the breakthrough you've been needing.

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