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Are you suffering on behalf of your family?

Are you inspired by our ancestors, and how they are our ultimate source of support and wisdom?

Family Constellations are an opportunity to discover the sources of our baffling patterns of devotional suffering, and experience their elegant and satisfying re-solution.

Our Family Souls are accessible to us; they are our wellspring of love and life. But often something is not right, not properly in place. Family Constellations discovers these entanglements and puts things back in their truer pattern.

What does this mean practically for you? Often, we find that we have a painful pattern in our life that is not working for us and that resists resolution. Depression, employment issues, and relationship problems are just some of the issues that can be related to unresolved generational family trauma, and which find healing through the constellations process.

Family Constellations were developed by Bert Hellinger, a German priest and family systems therapist. He discovered that the family system, just like any other system, has its own natural order. When that order is disrupted, the effects are felt by subsequent generations as the system tries to right itself. Certain natural laws operate to maintain that order and permit the free flow of love between family members, the two main ones being:
• everyone has an equal right to belong to their family and is deserving of respect by the system

• those born first come first, so that parents give and children take

A well facilitated family constellation reveals the entanglements currently operating in the life of the client, and makes it possible for members to once again find their proper and happy place in their families.

This meetup is a "clearing house" for Systemic & Family Constellations work in the San Francisco Bay Area. It represents a wide variety of practitioners throughout the area who want to support each other and share the amazing work of Constellations to as broad an audience as possible.

Come to one of these meetups to get a taste of constellation work and see if it's the breakthrough you've been needing.

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Online Family Constellations w/ Leslie Nipps

Online event

Can we do ancestral healing constellation work online? You bet! You are warmly invited to attend this gathering and be strengthened by the support of your ancestors and the larger systems of love to which we belong by birthright. In these days of stress and uncertainty, come to feel how accessible the flow of love is when we can see the larger patterns of our lives. We will do one short exercise for the whole group. Then, we will do a personal constellation for one client who has already registered for that. Participating in others' constellations always gives us powerful insights, and we all benefit from experiencing a family come into good order once again. PLEASE NOTE: Registration on Eventbrite is required to get the event link and attend. Spaces are limited, and do fill up quickly: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leslie-nipps-online-family-constellations-tickets-101840062368. It's only $10 to attend. There are also client openings at upcoming constellations - contact me at [masked] ASAP if you are interested in finding out more. It would be great to have you! INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES: The listed time is for Los Angeles/San Francisco. To find out more, go to www.conviviumconstellations.com.

Sesión de Constelaciones Familiares por Internet

Online event


Este es el enlace para pagar inscribirte y pagar la sesión: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/110864229896 ¡Aprende a sanar el trauma ancestral para tener amor, abundancia, salud y éxito en tu vida! ¿Te sientes estancado en tu vida? ¿Sientes que estas constantemente repitiendo lo mismo? ¿Sientes que no tienes suerte en el amor? ¿Estás teniendo problemas con tu pareja? ¿Tienes problemas con el dinero? ¿Sientes que el dinero desaparece y no entiendes porqué? ¿Tienes conflictos con tus hijos o con otras personas en tu familia? ¿Tienen tus hijos problemas en sus vidas? ¿Tienes problemas de salud? ¿Sientes que estás siguiendo una vida que no es tuya? Cuando hemos tratado de cambiar algo en nuestras vidas y no lo hemos logrado es porque tiene un propósito en nuestro Sistema Familiar. Muchas veces estamos imitando la vida de nuestros ancestros, siguiendo sus patrones o llevando sus emociones. Es imposible entender y sanar a menos que podamos ver las “lealtades o enredos” en nuestro Sistema Familiar. Podemos hacer esto por medio de las Constelaciones Familiares. Hacer una Constelación nos puede ayudar en muchas áreas de nuestras vidas. Por ejemplo: * Con nuestras relaciones personales * Con nuestra vida profesional * Con nuestra salud * Para llevar acabo una decisión importante * Para ser exitoso y tener abundancia en nuestra vida En esta sesión, primero vamos a hacer una pequeña introducción, luego haremos una Constelación. - El precio por participar es de $10. Recomiendo que asistas siempre que puedas ya que únicamente con estar presente, ya empiezas a sanar tu vida y a tu Sistema Familiar. - El precio para la persona que quiera hacer su Constelación es de $125 y lo pueden reservar escogiendo la opción de ticket que se llama "cliente". Si esta es tu primera vez haciendo Constelaciones Familiares, por favor mira este video antes de la sesión: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esuww6VvXFw No es necesario que los miembros de tu familia estén presentes al hacer una Constelación Familiar. Los otros participantes del grupo van a representar a los miembros de tu familia. Dentro de menos te conocen, mejor! * Por favor llega a tiempo para poder aprovechar el tiempo que tenemos juntos. * Es fundamental mantener la privacidad y confianza de los miembros del grupo. Por esta razón, todos los participantes se comprometen a mantener toda la información y experiencia de las demás personas en el grupo de forma confidencial. * El trabajo de Constelaciones Familiares puede tener una mejora en la salud de las personas. A pesar de esto, uno nunca debe dejar de tomar los medicamentos o terapia sin ser esto aprobado por el médico o terapeuta. Al participar en la sesión, confirmas que no sufres de ninguna condición médica (física o mental) que pueda desaconsejar que participes en la sesión. Un saludo, Liza Miron [masked] www.coachingandconstellations.com

Online Family Constellation Session

Online event


Here is the link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/111034559356 Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you looking for loving relationships and think you have no luck in love? Are you having problems with your partner? Do you have financial problems despite working and trying hard to solve them? Do you have difficult relationships with your children or other relatives? Do your children have difficulties in their lives? Do you have complicated illnesses or have had serious or repeated accidents in your life? Are you trapped in a pattern that you are not able to break? Do you feel you are following a life that is not yours? When we have tried to change something and haven’t been successful, it is often because we are carrying it for someone else from our Family System, often from a past generation. It is impossible to understand and heal this unless we are able to see the "entanglements” in our Family System. We are able to do this through the Family Constellation. Doing a Family Constellation can help you in many ways! For example: * Your personal relationships * Your professional life * Your health * To make an important decision * To understand a specific situation * To be successful and have abundance Come and join us at New Family Constellations! You don’t need prior experience to join, but if this is your first Family Constellation Session with me, please watch this introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwrXXK0hW7A I have one spot open for this Constellation; please sign up for it on EventBrite with this link (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/111034559356). If that's already taken, and you'd like to be in back-up position, just let me know. The donation for all other participants is only $10; everyone learns and benefits just by being present. It is not necessary for your family to be present to do your Family Constellation. The other participants will represent them and the less they know about your family, the better. * Please be prompt so that we can take full advantage of the time we have together. * Privacy and trust among the group members are fundamental for Constellations. For that reason, by agreeing to participate you commit to keeping all information disclosed during the sessions as confidential. * Constellations can have a positive impact on your well-being. However, you should never stop taking medication, therapy, or treatment without the approval of your doctor or therapist. By participating, you confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or medical condition, disorder, or injury that could make it inadvisable for you to participate in the session. I look forward to seeing you. Liza Miron [masked] www.coachingandconstellations.com

Become A Facilitator: A Family Constellations Training

Needs a location

This is a six month comprehensive course for professional training and personal growth. You’re invited to learn how to work with ancestral systems to find healing for yourself and others. This training will include everything you need to become a facilitator, or to be able to do this work on your own behalf: * The tools and “how to” of facilitating for healing. * Theory of constellations and relevant psychological theory, including trauma and attachment theory. * How to be creative and adaptable. * The skills of “field perception” and how to understand the unconscious of systems. * An appreciation for the depth and strength of our ancestors. * And much, much more! Course runs October 2020 - February 2021. It includes 3 four-day residencies, and four 3-hour online meetings. Early bird ends September 11th (saving $250!), and space is limited! For more information and to register, go to http://www.conviviumconstellations.com/constellation-training/. Or contact me at [masked].

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