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Awaken your unique inner dance!

Ecstatic Dance is focused on the practice of authentic, spontaneous, expressive, meditative movement. It provides an environment for people to authentically and safely express themselves. It is a space free of judgment. It is a place to feel, move and heal, so that we can get more in touch with our true selves.

Ecstatic Dance is about giving yourself permission to dance without holding back. To dance without concern about being aesthetic, graceful, disciplined, or contained as we're so often taught that dance is about.

- Non-choreographed: No steps to learn and no need to try to keep up; You decide how to move and at what tempo.

- Non-competitive: Purpose is to dance as if no one is watching, rather than to perform or compete against others. Just relax & be yourself.

- No dance experience needed, just a willingness to move and be moved.

- People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome.

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