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Data Visualization Zürich is an open, non-profit community for anyone involved or interested in data visualization. Our meetups cover a wide range of topics from basic concepts to best practices, case studies, tools and techniques. We invite communicators, journalists, educators, designers, developers, statisticians, analysts, researchers, and you to join us! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or simply curious. This is our space to learn and share how we gain insights from and tell stories with data.

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Presentation: Accessible Data Visualization by Luc Guillemot & Tania Boa

Data visualization has the power to convey meaning from an opaque dataset through graphic representation. But what if this visual language is not accessible to parts of your audiences? In this meetup, we will hear from two different perspectives, designer and engineer, how we can support people with visual impairments to still make use of our data visualizations. Speakers: Tania Boa, Interaction Designer at Interactive Things, will explain what a designer can do to ensure that their visualization design is accessible by making sure color schemes are colorblind-friendly, using enough contrast between text and their background, labeling data directly instead of using complex keys, etc. Luc Guillemot, Interaction Engineer at Interactive Things, will propose different technical approaches to address situations where the visual layer is not enough and our visualizations have to go the extra mile and play nice with assistive technologies. Agenda: 17:00 Doors open 17:00–17:30 Beers & chats 17:30–18:30 Presentations, questions & answers 18:30–19:00 More beers & more chats 19:00 Goodbye! Language: To include a multitude of perspectives, the spoken language of this meetup will be English. We will have native German, French, and Italian speaking hosts who will be happy to support with translations. Interactive Things will provide snacks and drinks and moderate the presentation.

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