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We're a group of sex workers, clients, taxpayers, freedom lovers, and people from all walks of life working together to stop the immoral, wasteful, and futile practice of arresting and prosecuting consensual sexual acts. Thank you to everyone who helped work to pass Proposition K on the November 2008 ballot here in San Francisco to decriminalize prostitution! While we were unsuccessful this time, we did receive over 41% of the vote, and served notice once again that our movement is not going away. Next time, Liberty willing, we will win! In the meantime, the ongoing work of organizing the sex work community and supporting each other when we are targeted by government or public intolerance, bigotry, or greed for our justly acquired earnings continues... If you are new to this movement, some helpful additional information and resources can be found on the websites of the Prostitutes Education Network (http://www.bayswan.org/), the Sex Workers Outreach Project (http://www.swop-usa.org), Erotic Service Providers Union (http://www.espu-ca.org), and Californians for Privacy (http://www.californians4privacy.us/). Thank you for your interest and participation in this Meetup!

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