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Curious about Clojure? Already a fan? Either way, you're welcome to join us. Clojure is about a lot of things: functional programming, LISP, the JVM, JavaScript, concurrency, data structures, etc. So is this group.

We offer monthly meetups concerning relevant content, the latest and greatest advances in the Clojure(Script) ecosystem as well as case studies regarding the problems people are currently encountering and solving with Clojure. Anyone in this group is welcome to suggest meetups where we pair program or just meet up and hack on our own projects with fellow Clojurians.

Outside of the monthly meetup we often offer a group co-working meetup called clojure.walk, a pun on a popular function (http://clojuredocs.org/clojure.walk/walk). The clojure.walk meetups entail co-working together, usually at The Commons on Champa (https://www.thecommons.co), and walking up to Union Station (https://unionstationindenver.com) at the end of the day. You don't need to be working on a Clojure project, it's just an opportunity to take advantage of one of the great publicly available services here in Denver and to work in proximity to other folks working with Clojure. It's a chance to do your normal day job and ask or answer questions.

We typically meet at the Turing School of Software & Design (https://www.turing.io/). The meetup will likely take place from 6:00PM-8:00PM, typically on the last Thursday of the month. Please send your suggestions to cljr-list@meetup.com . For up to date documentation please check out ClojureDocs (http://clojuredocs.org/), developed by one of the original founders of the group.

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