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What weโ€™re about

Welcome to the Denver Area Business Referral Networking Meetup! For entrepreneurs and professionals, it can be challenging and tedious to build a referral network. Most organizations are either too rigid and structured or not structured enough to generate long-term substantial business relationships. That is why we are inviting strong, competent, and trustworthy individuals to take a look at an innovative way to build a referral community, combining the trust required to build profitable relationships with the flexibility of an online platform designed to facilitate the growth of those relationships as well as the passing of business.

Every meeting will cover the principles and fundamentals of generating referral business along with the opportunity to network with other local professionals and entrepreneurs. Come with an open mind to learn more about what's possible for you!

Check out the following testimonials from some of our members:

โ€œI have found the greatest platform to ensure I stay 'top of mind' with those I do business with. It combines the traditional, proven methods of building relationships with technology and the social platform to maintain those relationships, even with my busy schedule.โ€
Sean Hutto
St. Louis, MO

โ€œI LOVE this group. I have been networking for years and have experienced several of the setbacks that come with traditional networking groups. They have created the best system that keeps me organized and connected with my referral community. Best decision I have made for my business!!!โ€
Cristin Louviere
Las Vegas, NV

โ€œI have been a business owner for over 20 years. Referrals drive my business. This community links the age old โ€˜word of mouthโ€™ with todayโ€™s technology of โ€˜online shopping.โ€™ Brilliant plan for all of us to grow.โ€
Dyanah Musgrave
Las Vegas, NV

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