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What we’re about

This group is for people interested in exploring code as a creative medium. It's also for helping people find creative collaborators. (AI stuff is off-topic)

"Who should join?"

  • Anyone, at any skill level, who's interested in programming in the context of the arts—whether visual, or sonic, or tactile, or interactive, or whatever you happen to be interested in.

"What will we do at the mostly-causal, online and/or in-person events?"

  • Show each other projects we're working on, casually or in structured show-and-tells
  • Collaborate or help each other with projects
  • Teach each other skills, informally or via workshops
  • Program, sometimes wordlessly, in a shared space
  • Make cool stuff
  • Go to museums or galleries
  • Haunt the library
  • Play with a pen plotter (AxiDraw SE/A3)

Also… we have a discord!

Upcoming events (1)

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  • Workshop: DIY Web Application Deployment on a Budget
    Denver Public Library: Bob Ragland Branch Library, Denver, CO
    • Photo of Norton King
    • Photo of Peter Roach
    • Photo of Ivan Ruiz-Knott
    • Photo of Steve Bruce
    • Photo of Olivia Ruiz-Knott