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What we’re about

This group is dedicated to in-depth conversation focused on specific readings in philosophy. We cover everything from Plato to Dennett. We love wisdom, and we love discussing it. If you are interested in learning more about philosophy, we hope you sign up for one of our events. Our only stipulation is that everyone coming to our meetings has done the reading in advance.

Upcoming events (2)

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  • Book Club Potluck - The Open Society and Its Enemies
    Cameron's House, Denver, CO
    • Photo of Cameron P Kruger
    • Photo of Karl Kiefer
    • Photo of Caroline
    • Photo of Deb
    • Photo of Tzvia Amon
  • Book Club Potluck - Radical Hope
    20976 E Duke Pl, Aurora, CO
    • Photo of Glenn
    • Photo of Caroline
    • Photo of Lisa Cloutier
    • Photo of Karl Kiefer
    • Photo of Deb