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"God does not play dice, but he probably plays mahjong. Yes, Riichi Mahjong" - Einstein, probably.

This group is for anyone interested in playing Japanese mahjong, also known as riichi mahjong. The current mahjong rule we use align with current popular online platform Tenhou or Mahjong soul. All skill levels are welcome - complete beginners too!

Japanese mahjong (麻雀, Mājan), also known as riichi mahjong.
The game consists of 136 tiles, 34 different kinds:

Ranked tiles, each consists number 1 ~ 9:

  • pinzu (circles), ranked 1 ~ 9
  • sōzu (bamboo), ranked 1 ~ 9
  • manzu (characters), ranked 1 ~ 9

Unranked honor tiles:

  • Wind tiles consist of 4 directions: East, West, South, North
  • Dragon tiles consist of 3 colors: White , Green, and Red

Each kind has 4 copies.

The game started with 13 tiles in your hand. Each player take turns to draw 1 new tile, and then discard 1 tile you don't need. Your goal is to collect tiles in groups (mentsu).
The group is made up with 3 tiles: it can be straight (such as 234, 789), and triplets (such as 555, 777, EEE).
The moment you draw a new tile that forms a complete hand you win the game.
A complete hand consists 4 groups, a pair, and a victory condition. Victory condition will be taught during the meetup.

During the game, your opponents will try to take the tile you discard to complete their hand quicker. There is only one winner. Once a player complete their hand, the round immediately ends. If you happens to discard a tile your opponent needs to complete their hand, you need to pay up (in points). After a certain number of rounds, the person who has the most points wins the final game.

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Riichi Mahjong Afternoon - Enchanted Ground

Enchanted Grounds

The game we will be playing is called Riichi Mahjong. It is the most popular form of Mahjong in Japan. All skill levels are welcome. We will teach the game to complete novices.

This is a video intro of Riichi Mahjong.
If you are new, we recommend you to watch the video.

Come join us and have fun.

The future event will be held 1st and the 3rd Saturday of the month
If you cannot attend the event, please notify me
You can help by ONE of the following:

  1. Change your attending status
  2. Notify me in the chat

The amount of people present in the event will greatly impact how many tables we can fill. So in order for me to run the event as smoothly as possible, please notify me before-hand one way or another. That would really help! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Tim. I am the new host. Thank you

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Riichi Mahjong Afternoon - Enchanted Ground

Enchanted Grounds

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