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What we’re about

Meet other adults in the Denver Metro area that love the game of Soccer/Futbol.  

Our first motto:
"A Máxima Diversão! Excelente!"
translates from Portuguese to "Maximum fun! Excellent!"   This was a comment left by a new member that describes the camaraderie, respectful nature, international flavor and diversity of the group.  Diversity is a value we fiercely honor, respect and promote.

Our second motto:  PASS THE BALL!
We play in a style the that's informal, friendly & encouraging with an emphasis on fun, good sportsmanship and low stress.  We are more cooperative than competitive.  No sliding, no hacking, no uber-aggro players wanted. This is a light, fun game and no one here wants any injuries.

Our third motto:  Be Cool/Keep It Positive!
We strive to be beginner friendly, encouraging, focused on having fun and sharing a passion for the game.  Beginner friendly means we welcome beginners and those of all skills and abilities.  It does not mean that anyone needs to hold back on their skills.  If you are starting out and could use some skill tips or practice, please ask.  Many of the Organizers are willing to do so, or can help you find someone who is.  You are welcome to schedule a Beginner event any time you like.

Bring a reversible or light and dark shirt (if possible) so we can tell who is on who's team.  Please no gray shirts!
Bring plenty of water! 
Many of us like wearing shin guards and soccer cleats, but they're certainly not required. 
Just come and play!

About responsibility:
Anyone who participates can schedule/host or suggest an event.  
Exercise that power responsibly, bring good sportsmanship/citizenship, mutual respect, personal responsibility and a positive attitude with you.  You may use this site's resources to organize/recruit a team for any of the leagues in the Denver area.  You may also schedule and promote social events you would like to invite those who participate in this group.  

Regarding risk:
By participating in any event, outing or pickup game, organized or communicated through this site or not, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless any and all participants, organizers, co-organizers, hosts any any other person or persons affiliated with or attending any such group or event, including any party at cause or at fault or not, against any and all claims of damages or injury to property, body or health, including death, of any person, from any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, or proceedings of any kind or nature.   By participation you assume all risk of injury to your person and property that may be sustained in connection with any activity in and about any location or by any party affiliated with this meetup group, event sponsor, organizer, co-organizer, host or attendee.  By your participation, you agree fully to these terms, fully understand its terms, conditions, and meaning. You further agree to practice and display good sportsmanship at all times.

And finally: You'll Never Walk Alone.