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What we’re about

Welcome to the Denver Social Climb ("DSC") meetup!  Also check out our group facebook page.  

We're a group for all levels of climbers, from the person who has never climbed before to the sponsored pro looking for belayers, and we regularly have outdoor and indoor events for these different levels of climbers.  We abide by our motto, which is also a famous climbing quote, that: "the best climber is always the one having the most fun climbing safely."  

Our pure beginner events (clearly marked as beginner events) start with a quick intro so you can get belay certified in the indoor gym (very easy 5 minute test) and learn how to climb safely.  We may then have a few beginner outdoor events during the warmer months.  The more advanced events frequently involve a variety of sport and trad outdoor climbing in one of the many climbing destinations around the area, but may extend to weekend camping/climbing trips.  There's something for everyone, no matter what your skill level!

For reference, it's assumed when climbing indoors that you either rented shoes, harness, and belay device from the main desk, or have your own.  For outdoor events you must have your own shoes, harness, and belay device (and we strongly recommend a helmet) while other outdoor climbing gear will be negotiated on a per event basis with the event organizer (ropes, draws, etc. are often shared).

Come to some events, meet some great people, and have an amazing time!

The meetup members of the DSC are a great mix.  Most members are in the age range of mid 20s to 50s, but we welcome all adults!  Although most events are geared for beginner and intermediate climbers, we have active members with abilities from 5.5 to 5.13!

Our Missions:

1. Connect climbers to share resources and maximize their climbing experience.

2. Introduce climbing to new prospective climbers, stressing safety and fun.

3. Foster a climbing related social club that spans all age groups and abilities, is inclusive to everyone, and creates life long friendships in the Colorado Front Range community.

4. Mobilize climbers to protect climbing access and the environment.

Disclaimer:  Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and though we take every precaution, injury is always a possibility.  If you don't know what's safe, we'll do our best to have enough more experienced participants to have safe events, but in the end it's up to you to practice safe climbing, we take no responsibility. Your Safety is Your Personal Responsibility.

By joining this meeting and participating in events (even if you are not a member, have not officially signed up, or come as a guest of a member), you agree to not hold any event organizers or this meetup group liable for any accidents causing injury or death. Also, all gym and outdoor meetups serve as is a way for people to meet.  The organizers and members are not responsible for your safety.  We are not a guide service and any instruction you receive, climbing activities, and your and your friends presence at the outdoor crags is solely YOUR assumed risk. Also, follow the gym rules and pay attention to the waiver you sign.

Also, all attendees must be 18 or older unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.   Not all events are kid friendly, so ask the particular event organizer before you bring your kids.  Also, be aware that climbing, camping, beer, crazy campfire stories always go well together, so if bringing your kids camping, come with an open mind to avoid being offended. Also, the drinking age is still 21.

Safety Tips:

Wear your helmet at the crag, even when you are not climbing to protect yourself from rock fall.  Always check knots, harnesses, belay devices, lockers, gear, and anchor setups.  If you don't know, ask someone at your own risk.  Event Organizers (although seasoned climbers) have no professionally certified and insured training and consider every event as "climbing with your friends."  If in doubt, hire a professional guide, take the lead climbing class at the gym, and/or read about safety techniques to increase your safety knowledge.


We are a very active group and therefore you will receive a lot of emails from us.  I highly recommend creating a Meetup Filter in your inbox to help with organization!  Alternatively you can easily modify your email preferences for this group to limit the emails.

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