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What we’re about

Howdy! We organize Detroit-area events for enthusiasts of the Rust programming language, for every level of expertise from total beginner to grizzled Rustacean.

Rust is a user-friendly low-level programming language with a focus on security, reliability, and concurrency, while valuing extreme performance in memory usage and execution time.

Every month we host an event where we have discussions about the Rust ecosystem, collaborate on projects, or interact with a technical presentation.

All Detroit Rust events are governed by the Rust Code of Conduct - we expect all members of our group to help build a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all.

Feel free to contact the organizers via if you would like to do a presentation at an event, provide a venue for the group, sponsor an events costs or catering, or simply give feedback for what we could do better. Hope to see you soon!