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DevOps Utrecht November Meetup
18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Capgemini 19:00 - Talk #1: Anaïs van Asselt, Quality assurance; the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle 19:55 - Break 20:10 - Talk #2: Fabian Met, How to win friends and influence businesses - A war story on helping an organization that has been rusted in place for years. 21:00 - Networking and beers --------------------- #1 Quality assurance; the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle Delivering fast with high quality; that is what we want with DevOps. In practice, I see a lot of focus on delivering fast by optimizing build and deployment processes using DevOps tools. But let’s not forget that going to production automatically requires trust. A lot of trust. And trust is built by quality assurance. The talk is about quality assurance in a DevOps environment, the principle ‘built-in quality’ and what the impact is on a DevOps team. Best practices will be shared and are based on my own meandering experience. Anaïs van Asselt is a Senior QA & Testconsultant with a passion for Agile/DevOps and test automation. After 4 years experience within Agile/DevOps teams of several companies she's now coaching teams on Agile/DevOps testing & test automation. #2 How to win friends and influence businesses - A war story on helping an organisation that has been rusted in place for years. Major retailers in the Netherlands are always pressured to stay on top of their game with their service provided, however this creates two camps. Camp A who is happy everything works, and camp B who tries to innovate and improve things. Its often difficult to get these organisations to stay on top of their game. This is a story on how we helped a major retailer move from their old outdated infrastructure to a new set up in Kubernetes on AWS. While keeping both camps happy! Fabian Met is one of the founding partners of In his case that means that he's just a nerd that started a company. Fabian comes from a background of working for big national companies, both as a contractor and as an employee. Over the years he got to work with some really awesome projects and some really rusted ones, happy to say that nowadays he can see the charm and challenges in both situations. To get their ideas out to more companies and help them achieve their goals he and his colleague decided to start Its going great, so they are actively looking for new people!

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    This is a meetup group for all men and women who are interested in all aspects of DevOps and love to meet in Utrecht.
    Everyone is welcome, Dutch and non-Dutch, beginner and expert. As long you're willing to meet new people, share thoughts, ideas and experiences.

    We're always looking for sponsors which can host the meetup and provide with food and drinks.
    And we're also looking for speakers!

    Hope to see you soon!

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