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What we’re about

DhyanYoga is a community for people to meet to Meditate, Enhance Spiritual Growth, Practice Yoga, Strengthen Mind-Body Wellness, & to Celebrate Life in it's Fullness.

At DhyanYoga, we gather to Meditate, Practice Yoga, Chant, Dance, Kirtan, Relax and embrace all the colors of the rainbow which make our inner and outer life richer.

The vision of DhyanYoga and the approach towards inner spiritual growth is inspired by spiritual master Osho. We hold a variety of classes and events on Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, Mindfulness, Tantra, Chakras, Breathwork, Kirtan, Chanting, Dancing, Sufism, Zen, and more..

DhyanYoga is a Non-profit Organization and offers everything on a contribution/donation basis.