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Looking to develop speaking and leadership skills? Win that job interview? Ignite your career?

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 270,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,000 clubs that make up our global network of meeting locations.

Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. At $55 every six months, it is also one of the most cost-effective skill-building tools available anywhere. Individual clubs may require extra nominal payments for club dues.

District 4 Toastmasters comprises about 230 clubs from San Francisco to Monterey! Each Toastmasters club provides a safe and supportive environment to practice communication and leadership skills. We will post significant Toastmasters events in this Meetup where you can drop in and meet other Toastmasters and see how they have benefited from being Toastmasters. Speech contests, District conferences and Club Open Houses are opportunities to experience Toastmasters.

How Does It Work?

A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success.

Meeting participants also give impromptu talks on assigned topics, conduct meetings and develop skills related to timekeeping, grammar and parliamentary procedure.

Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual (http://www.toastmasters.org/Members/MemberExperience/EducationalProgram/CommunicationTrack.aspx), a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking.

Upcoming events (4+)

Townsend Toastmasters open club meeting

601 Townsend St

***Due to the coronavirus concerns we are hosting our meetings VIRTUALLY via a Zoom video conference until further notice.***

We are an open Toastmasters club that provides a warm, welcoming environment to improve your speaking skills. We have members from several companies around the area and everyone is welcome to join us. As a guest, if you feel like it, you are welcome to participate in our Table Topics™ segment, and give a short impromptu 2-minute response to a random question or topic.

You can find out more about Townsend Toastmasters at https://www.townsendtoastmasters.com/

Request a free visit here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc322r0S0LooI4mizx4sAGUs1tlTjoc2ZXimTKr-OnbM95T5g/viewform

FIND FUNNY FASTER with Ray Engan! / Open House at San Francisco Storytellers

Give your story more impact through the power of humor!

Do you want to bring lightning and levity to your stories while still packing in a powerful message? Learn how to create and deliver a humorous speech with storyteller extraordinaire Ray Engan at San Francisco Storytellers!

Here's a brief preview of what you can look forward to: https://youtu.be/WkKyh81OMxk

From a shy kid to a successful stand-up comedian with 15 years of experience in stand up comedy, comedy writing, and touring the country, Ray Engan now runs a company called "Leadership with Laughter" where he teaches speakers how to better incorporate humor into their speeches to better connect with their audiences!

Stories are the most powerful and entertaining means of delivering your message because they engage your audience on a deeper emotional level. Join San Francisco Storytellers as they hone the art of storytelling every week on their mission to make the world a better place through more effective communication and leadership. We offer the same self-paced Toastmasters educational program as most other clubs, but also uniquely offer our own storytelling curriculum.

RSVP to this Meetup, then visit the Zoom registration link listed under "Online Event" on this event page. Once you have registered, a unique Zoom link will be sent to you in a confirmation email.


RSVP via Eventbrite: https://sf-storytellers-find-funny-faster-ray-engan.eventbrite.com

Contact: [masked]

Chamber Speakers Circle - Improve your communication and leadership skills!

Join us at our regular Toastmasters zoom meeting every week.

Who can join this club?

Chamber Speakers Circle is an open club, anyone can join as a guest. All members of the community are welcome.

What is your club like?

As our members’ testimonials indicate, our club is casual, warm, and supportive. It also is small, which means each member typically gets to speak or take on a role at every meeting. If you are looking for a large, structured, or advanced environment, then you likely will prefer other clubs instead.

When and where do you meet?

We meet weekly on Mondays from 6:15 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and take some weeks off on or around the holidays. Due to COVID-19, we meet online over Zoom.

May I observe a meeting as a guest?

Yes, please come visit and experience our club’s operating style and culture! As a guest, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself, meet other club members, and ask questions. You may even have a chance to participate in the Table Topics session alongside our members. If you decide to visit, please contact us to confirm that we plan to hold a meeting on the day you plan to visit.

How do I join?

Please contact us via email or RSVP for the event. We’ll be happy to send you the meeting details.

Email to: [masked]


FREE for Guest
Minimum due to become a member


San Francisco Downtown Toastmasters Meeting

Online event

Due to the COVID-19, we will be holding virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. RSVP to receive zoom link.

We are a San Francisco-based Toastmasters club focused on helping our members reach their public speaking, communication and leadership goals.
Guests and new members are always welcome!

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
― Albert Einstein

When & Where
Every Monday, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Virtual meetings for the foreseeable future

How does Toastmasters work?

We are a club within Toastmasters International and follow a proven meeting structure to improve our skills.

In a typical meeting, we have 3 main sections:

Prepared Speeches
Table Topics (impromptu speaking for members and guests)
Evaluations of prepared speeches

Typical roles in a meeting:

Toastmaster: leads the meeting, introduces meeting theme, guests, and Prepared Speakers
Prepared Speaker: every speaker is a role model and club members learn from their speeches
Table Topics Master: helps meeting attendees develop their impromptu speaking skills
General Evaluator: evaluates the entire meeting and introduces each of the Evaluators
Evaluator: provides verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers
Timer: times speeches and table topics impromptu speaking
Ah Counter: notes any overused words and filler words
Grammarian: helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary

Find more on https://www.sfdowntowntm.org/

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