Machine Learning with a Sprinkle of Async!


Our first event in January was a huge success, and we received a lot of very positive feedback. So we're very excited to announce our next .NET Oxford event!

The meetup will remain at The Story Museum (, and will again be sponsored by Corriculo Recruitment (, who did a fantastic job last time hosting and providing plenty of liquid refreshments and nibbles.

We have two amazing talks lined up for the night...

Machine Learning for Muggles

Martin Kearn (
Evangelist at Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence is the latest hotness. Machine Learning sits behind artificial intelligence and on the surface it may seem like a deeply technical, scientific topic. We are here to tell you that it is more accessible than you think. We’ll look at some of the basics around the Azure Machine Learning service. We’ll also look some of the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs which make it very easy to implement artificial intelligence ‘smarts’ into your application with simple, standard REST calls.

Async in C# Deep Dive

Frans Lytzen (
CTO and co-founder at NewOrbit Ltd

This is not yet another session on how to use async/await. You are probably already using that so we won't bore each other with the syntax. Instead we shall be diving deep into how Async actually works and having a look at the benefits and pitfalls.

The way Async is being described, it sounds like it will make your code faster and more scalable, whilst solving all your problems and achieving world peace - all before lunch.

Async certainly can help you do more I/O in parallel and may in some circumstances help you scale. But did you know Async code can sometimes also use more memory, make your code slower and can introduce subtle bugs that may only appear in production?

Understanding how Async in C# works under the covers is crucial to be able to harness the benefits it can give you, whilst avoiding the pitfalls. This session aims to give you that understanding.