What we're about

We're a Bristol based user group, with talks and events aimed at .NET developers. If you're a developer in the South West then it would be great to see you at one of our get-togethers. This group will hopefully provide a forum / hub for Bristol's diverse and thriving developer community to exchange ideas and keep up to date with the latest movements and shifts in software development.

New members, from all backgrounds and whether you are a junior developer or the CEO of Microsoft, are always very welcome.

So, if you enjoy technology, software development, and would like to socialise with like-minded souls, come along to one of our events. Look forward to seeing you!

You can follow us on Twitter @dotnetsouthwest (https://twitter.com/dotnetsouthwest) and you can catch up on past virtual talks in our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/dotNETSouthWest).

**Special Note for Recruiters**
We have 3 rules you must follow:
1) All recruiters in the .NET South West User Group must register with the leadership team. This can be done by sending an email to leadership@dotnetsouthwest.uk with their Company’s name, who from the company will be attending (if more than one person will come), and a photo of the persons coming (a link to their LinkedIn Account can be used if they have a good headshot as their profile picture).
2) Recruiters may come to our meetups but must stay for the talks as well. This shows respect for the craft we do.
3) Recruiters must be professional and polite with all of our members.

Failure to follow these rules can result in you and/or your company being banned/blacklisted from our meetups.

Upcoming events (2)

Building a game engine with .NET MAUI

Link visible for attendees

During this talk we will have the fantastic Shaun Lawrence - Microsoft MVP working with Xamarin and MAUI talking about his experience building a game in MAUI.

Find out what happened when 2 of his passions were combined together; his job and his passion, video games.

Last year he underwent a journey to build a mobile game with Xamarin-Forms. It was successful but he didn't feel it pushed the boundaries far enough and wanted a bigger challenge! Now, with .NET MAUI out, it is the perfect opportunity to take it further. Making use of the .NET MAUI cross-platform framework he will take you through the journey to building a fully fledged game with the framework and then talk around the resulting engine that is being built and can enable you to build your great idea!

We will look over:-

  • Common concepts in what is a typical game
  • How those have been built through the use of .NET MAUI Graphics
  • How we can find the best mix of .NET MAUI and our new Orbit game-engine

What the JWT?! Securing your app with Microsoft Identity Web with Dee Bolt

.Net South West is back for another in-person Meet Up, with Dee Bolt, who is giving his talk 'What the JWT?! Securing your app with Microsoft Identity Web'.

This will be on Tuesday 9th August at Huboo's office, 41 Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1HT. We will look to get started on pizzas and beers/refreshments for 6:30pm and the talk starting at 7pm.

The talk:

Whether it's a desktop, mobile, or web application, it is likely that you've had to secure your application to authenticated users.

Traditionally, this was left to identity experts who knew the ins and outs of Open ID Connect (OIDC), OAuth, SAML, and generally were excited for the next published RFC. However now it is easier than ever for developers to secure their systems with a few lines of code and some configuration.

In this session, we will explore and demonstrate how easy Microsoft has made securing your application against Azure AD, and Azure AD B2C using the Microsoft Identity Web C# SDK.

After this session, you'll be able to get started with your authentication journey and understand, in general, how authentication works.

The speaker:

#### External Identity & IAM Consultant

I have been in the External Identity and Access Management space since 2020, helping clients architect and implement their Identity solutions and keeping their application secure.

Prior to the identity ecosystem, I was a development consultant in travel and tourism (mainly C#) and a software and database analyst for a training company. My main skillset is around system architecture, identity, C#, and SQL.

Other community contributions include the Azure Technical Contributor Program and Microsoft sponsored Identity discord channel.

If you can't make the event anymore, please change your RSVP to no, and if you are attending RSVP as yes!

Any questions let us know.

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.NET MAUI What/How and Why with Cliff Agius - *Face-to-face*

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