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What we’re about

This meetup is what it sounds like. It's for anyone who likes draw, paint, make pixel art, any creative activity that can be done in a public place while maybe enjoying a nice beverage. In addition to in-person meetups, we also do virtual hangouts via Discord with folks from around the world! If you're interested in that, look for the "virtual" events within this meetup group.

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Q: I'm a pro, a beginner or somewhere in between...?
A: Yes, you belong here!

Q: Do I need to show up on time or stay until the end?
A: No!

Q: Are there models or references to draw?
A: Not usually, but there can be! Send me (Patrick) a DM on Meetup or ask on Discord (see above.)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The meetup itself is free.99 but any purchases from the hosting business are on your tab :)

Q: What happens at these meetups?
A: Mostly we sit with our sketchbooks and talk and work on our own projects/doodles. Sometimes I bring some butcher paper to cover the tables for a shared canvas. Sometimes we play exquisite corpse, telephone Pictionary or other arty games. Sometimes we make collaborative comics. Sometimes on a nice day we meet in a park instead of in a bar. I usually come up with a theme to provide some inspiration to anyone wanting it. Thinking next year will start having a shared sketchbook for anyone to jot/doodle little nuggets of inspiration.

We also have socials but they're not very active, lately:

Feel free to tag us or post drawings from our meetup. We also love seeing cool art related events!

This radicool group has been running since August 13th 2014!

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