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What we’re about

Announcement! Be sure and RSVP for events when they open (2 weeks early!) and sooner than the day before! Monthly events include Full Moon (7 pm) New Moon meditation (7am) Irish language practice (9am), and weekly meditation! See you there!
The Druidry Centered Women's Circle, established as the Denver Celtic Women's Circle in 2008, is a private circle that offers an Open & Inclusive public Celtic Full Moon Ceremonies, along with workshops, community ritual, and charity events. 
We are an anti-racist, trans & non-binary supportive, Pagan group. The Irish Polytheist path is open to people of ALL ethnic backgrounds. 
Authenticity in practice is going out into the natural environment where we live, experiencing the seasons, the trees, the paths into the mountains, as they actually exist in this sacred place. 
We use the Tree Ogham as a framework for connecting with our Irish Polytheist & Animist Path and the local Colorado regional landscape to connect with the spirits of the natural world.
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