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We are a group of recreational runners that get together for social runs around Dublin. We are not a professional running group. Any run that you participate in you do so at your own risk. It is up to the individual to assess their ability to participate in the run. We advise that participants dress suitably; wear proper running shoes and gear, and in poor light we recommend the use of High Viz Clothing. We take no responsibility for personal injuries or new or existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by running. If you are new to running or exercise in general we recommend consulting your physician before joining us. We are not responsible for property lost during runs.

By applying for membership to this group you are accepting responsibility that all group activities that you participate in are at your own risk. This includes all runs and any other activities. If you are not in agreement, please do not proceed with membership.

Benefits of joining Dublin Runners:

Keep fit

Improve your pace

Attempt longer distances

See parts of Dublin you wouldn't normally visit

Share running tips

Make new friends

Stay motivated


Some of us have minimal running experience, others have lots or train with professional running clubs. Some of us have taken up running for the social benefits!

We are NOT a competitive group. We encourage everyone to start off at their own pace. We always meet up afterwards to make sure the last runner/s arrive safely.

There is a €5 once-off joining fee which we use to pay the meetup.com fees and to provide yearly prizes. Payment is usually by paypal but we can make provisions if you do not have a paypal account by contacting one of the organisers.


Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DublinRunningMeetupGroup and on twitter at https://twitter.com/DublinRunners

Upcoming events (4+)

Wednesday Intervals - Hills & Flats (alternative weeks) !

This week the Intervals will be Hills

It is advised to bring a light with you. It helps see in the darker sections of the Park and makes you more visible to other Park users such as cars and bikes.

Intervals will be held every Wednesday rotating alternative weeks between Hills and Flats. The meeting point for BOTH will be the top of the Kyber Hill.

Hill Intervals will be held on the Kyber hill, starting with a warm up jog of 10/15 mins, followed by:
3 x 200 meters, recovery jog.
3 x 400 meters, recovery jog.
1 x 800 meters.
Cool down jog 10/15 mins

Flat Intervals will held out beside the Zoo.
1.5km out to the Zoo as a warm up.
At the Zoo its
8 x 400 meter sprints around the roundabout opposite the zoo entrance
7 x 200 meter recovery up and down Chesterfield avenue
1.5km warm down run back to the Popes cross

Saturday Phoenix Park (16km ish) 5:20 min per km

Phoenix Park Visitor Centre

Join us each week for a run of around 16km on a mixture of both grass & road within the park. Pace will be 5:20/km, you should be able to run at this pace. Although if there's a good few who click in with various paces we can split into sub groups within a km or two into the run.
We start from the Visitor Centre carpark at 8:55am SHARP.

After the run we normally meet with the other Dublin Runners groups for a social catch up coffee.

If you have any questions, let us know.
Thank you
Maeve & Robbie

Saturday Phoenix Park 16K (Sub 5 min per KM)

Phoenix cafe/Ashtown Castle

The plan for this run is a pace of 5 min per km or a little under for about an 90 min.

Often some of the group will go out earlier to get some extra distance in but still pass through the visitors centre at about 9.00

Aim is to use the trails/grass as much as possible.

Coffee afterwards with some of the other groups.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.


Saturday Phoenix Park (10/12km) 5:30 to 5:40 min per KM

Phoenix Park Visitor Centre

Join the group for circa 10/12km on a mixture of both grass & road within the park. We start at 9.30am SHARP from the carpark of the Visitor Centre. Only sign up if you're able for at least 8km upwards with an avg pace of anything from 5:30 to 5:40/km.
The group will try stay together for the first few KM's then those who want to run that bit faster will be able to go off a bit quicker which means we'll break into mini groups as the distance progresses.

After the run we normally meet with the other Dublin Runner groups for a social catch up coffee.

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