• Opposition Research, Human Interactions, "Let's Keep in Touch" & Dolphin Tank!

    The Business Lodge (lower level)


    Reminder: Doors open at 8:30, event starts promptly at 8:45. Here's this month's exciting lineup RUN SHOWCASE: Thad James Opposition Research: Know Your Competition to Promote Products, Refer Unwanted Clients and Destroy Your Rivals GROW SHOWCASE: Dale Furtwenger "In every human interaction..." We'll explore how we interact with others and the ramifications of our actions. LIVE SHOWCASE: Karen Hoffman "Keep In Touch" WITH Dolphin Tank: Les Landes Marketing Spotlight: Karen Fox AND Networking with the e4e Partner Team and Guests! You can sit quietly as a fly on the wall, absorbing countless great ideas. Or you can dive right in with us dolphins, asking questions and offering your insights. You’re welcome to participate as you choose. Either way, you’ll benefit from the great exchange of business ideas and networking. For more information on our e4e Partner presenters, please visit https://www.e4ecommunity.com/e4e-experts/ Experts 4 Entrepreneurs is a premier community of entrepreneurs, committed to helping small business owners succeed and live their dreams. We're people of goodwill, helping each other take our businesses to the next level faster and with less stress. COME EARLY AND STAY LATE FOR GREAT NETWORKING.