• Missing Potential Customers, Social Media Influence & Delegation

    Reminder: Webinar room (Zoom) opens at 8:30, event starts promptly at 8:45. After payment, you'll receive a Zoom invitation. Here's this month's exciting lineup RUN SHOWCASE: Bill Higley & Cesar Keller Are You Missing Potential Customers? Join Cesar and Bill as they combine their experiences from backgrounds in legal and software systems and highlight the universal topic of Web Accessibility and Compliance Standards. Learn how businesses are taking steps so that everyone, regardless of their condition has access to a great online user experience. While buildings have compliance codes that need to be met such as elevators, ramps, safety rails, and braille signs; technology also exists for people with varying degrees of visual or other impairments and how they can interact with your websites and systems. GROW SHOWCASE: Thad James The Importance, Impact and Influence of Using Social Media Businesses need to understand the techniques of using social media platforms. Knowing how to post, what to post, when to post. But the real impact is the affect your shared information has on your audience. Thad will share the successes and mishaps of social media. And how your messages can resonate with clients, customers and potential buyers to keep your company on their mind. LIVE SHOWCASE: Ann Prenatt Gaining Control Without Being Controlling...Delegate Ann Prenatt and a panel of experts will share insights into the various ways you can grow your business while maintaining your sanity. Lori, Will, Richard. Marketing Spotlight from Andy Magnus Communication – Information or Influence? AND Experts 4 Entrepreneurs is a premier community of entrepreneurs, committed to helping small business owners succeed and live their dreams. We're people of goodwill, helping each other take our businesses to the next level faster and with less stress. COME EARLY AND STAY LATE FOR GREAT NETWORKING. For more information on our e4e Partner presenters, please visit https://www.e4ecommunity.com/e4e-experts/